Relationships, whether with family, friends or church are often hard at times. Every person has a place in this world and often it seems like we get crowded out by others, when we are exactly where we are suppose to be at this point in our lives. I struggle with knowing where I “fit in” at times but then I have to remind myself, that God has me exactly where He wants me for “such a time as this”.

I have always struggled with dysfunction in my biological family, whether with my parents or siblings, but often it has flowed downward to all of my family including cousins and aunts and uncles. It is a sad statement to say that but in reality, being dysfunctional according to Joyce Meyer is basically not operating as God has designed us to be. I think at some point we can all say we are dysfunctional on some level, and maybe my “dysfunction” is worse than yours or vice versa but regardless, we need to remember that God wants us to function as He has designed us to be, not as the world “wants” us to be.

Even as adults I believe we can fall victim to trying to fit into a crowd of people that we really aren’t designed to be a part of or to interact with on a deep level, yet here we go, trying to make this friendship or this church relationship or this so and so person like us, when if it isn’t working, there is a reason it isn’t working. Maybe it isn’t YOU/… Maybe it is THEM.. You are not designed to be “friends” with everyone or to have deep, meaningful relationshps with every person you come in contact with. Remember, God has a big plan for you and it doesn’t include being in a relationship, friendship, marriage or career where you are not valued for the wonderful creation God has made.

God loves you more than you can ever think or imagine. Look for friends that value your opinion, your morals and your dreams, as well as love on you when you are in need of a good cry. Friends that stand beside you when you need a hug but also behind you when you need to be held up in a time of trial. Friends and family that laugh with you, pray with you and also know you are not perfect and there will be times forgiveness will be necessary to make the relationship last. If this is not the type of friendship you currently have, then keep looking. I am still on the lookout as well because I know that the “perfect”,  “good” friend is out there waiting for me as well.

Lord, today I lift up all reading this post today. Help each one find the right connections, within their own community. Help us all to know that we are valuable in Your eyes and that you designed us to connect with other believers that have our best interest at heart as well.  Help us, Lord today to continue to seek Your face and your acceptance first and foremost. You will guide us in the direction we are to go if we continue to ask for your help. I love you Lord and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful gifts you have given me in this life. I know YOUR plans are for peace and a good future, and that is what I pray you will provide for everyone reading this as well as myself. Amen


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