Enter Into His Rest

This time of year is such a frenzy of activity, cooking, cleaning and just trying to stay on top of normal, everyday life. I know personally, I get overwhelmed this time of year and forget that God wants me to stop and enjoy the time He has given me with my husband and my children. I often get so caught up in trying to make everything ” perfect” I forget to enjoy the time with those I hold so dear.

I know that God’s word talks about resting in many places, yet for me REST is usually only when I hit the sack at night. I don’t usually stop and take time to rest, recoup or restore my body, soul and spirit. I go, go, go all of the time. I think I got that trait from my grandmother who was murdered in 1996. Days like Thanksgiving, Christmas and especially her birthday are when I miss her the most.

I know that this next year I hope to do better about taking the time to rest when I know I need to, yet it will be a challenge for sure because that is just not me. I like to have a clean, orderly, well-oiled home which takes a lot of effort day to day but I am praying that I get somewhat better about being so OCD and such a control freak. IT is ME that is so overwhelmed this time of year. Hubby doesn’t get too worked up about anything. I often wish I was more like that… But God made me exactly like I am and I am finally becoming OK with ME.. After 47 years.. It is sad that I have always tried to keep everyone else happy yet in the effort to do that, I was miserable, lonely, fearful, anxious and basically wished I was someone else. Well, now I am thankful I am ME and even though I still struggle with OCD and control issues as well as not knowing how to enter into HIS rest very well, I know God is still working in my life and He is not done with me yet.

Lord, I pray that you help each person reading this today to know that you want us to like who we are and who YOU made us to be. We are not going to be perfect but even when we fall short, YOU are there to pick us up. Help each person to know that it is okay to rest, restore, recoup and relax. It is something I struggle to do but I pray that You give me the time as well as the feeling of guilt not to be there, so I can enjoy the time I have with my family and also to enjoy my time with YOU LORD. I know you have a huge plan for each of us; yet we must be willing to be still and quiet. HELP me LORD to be able to sit quietly and listen. I love you LORD and thank YOU for all the amazing things you have done in this unworthy child of YOURS.. Yet, YOU continue to bless me and love me each day. Thank you, Lord.




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