Boy, It’s Cold Outside

The weather is changing here in Texas, finally. Usually we do not have cold weather until late December or even early January. Yesterday the weather was in the 70’s and then today we woke up to a cold temperature of 26 degrees. Oh Boy, it is definetly Winter.

For those of you who don’t live in West Texas, which is the upper part of Texas; our weather is always crazy here. One day it might be 70 or 80 degrees outside, and then in 30 minutes it could be snowing. We live in a very unusual part of the state in reference to weather, yet I am comfortable with this part of the weather because it is all I have known. For 47 years, I have lived in the same part of Texas and 3 small towns.

I was reflecting on this in relation to our spiritual, physical and emotional states.

I don’t know about you but I have found myself accepting certain aspects of my life when I knew in reality that I deserved better and that what I was dealing with in my own life was not God’s best for me. Yet, I sat on the sidelines letting the same merry-go-round go around and around because I could not for the life of me, figure out how to make the situation any different.

Life is not easy yet we do have choices in some aspects. Often, we almost welcome our life to continue to be the same because we basically have no idea of what, how, where or when to go about making changes to improve whatever we currently are facing..

Maybe you find yourself in a situation of accepting that you are unhappy in your marriage. Well, it is your marriage. What ARE you doing to improve the situation? What changes are you making daily in yourself to figure out how to improve the quality of your relationship? I know it is easy to sit on the sidelines and blame everyone else, but often we need to take ownership of our own MESS and do the work to improve our quality of life. Quit accepting the aspects of life that you are not happy with and go out and make the changes.

Maybe you find yourself in a situation where you are struggling financially. I have been in that situation more times than I care to count from the age of 17 years old as a young mom to a baby to an aduult at 47 years old. That is just a reality that often we  have no control over because maybe we have lost our job, had a health crisis or some other aspect of life has hit us in this area, yet that doesn’t mean that has to be your life from now on. Make the changes to improve this aspect of your life. What can you do now to help yourself and your family financially? I know at one time after I lost my job, I babysat a baby 3 days a week just to help out with income. I have also made handmade crafts and canned foods to sell. Just be willing to look for small ways to help your situation and continue to move forward. God will provide even when it feels like the world is caving in on you. Don’t give up and don’t let the enemy tell you that this is your “lot” from now on. NO.. God has bigger and better for you as well as me..

Maybe you find yourself accepting a friendship that you know is not healthy; yet you continue to stay connected because you feel that this person is the only “friend” you have. I have been in this situation as well. But really, don’t you deserve better? If this particular person is constantly belittling you,  jealous of you, controlling, demanding, pushy, angry, or the friendship is only one sided, then it is probably not the right person for you. I have been in a friendship at one time for almost 10 years where I thought this is what I deserved, so I continued to put up with it, yet over time I finally realized that I would rather be alone than to be treated badly just so I could claim to have a “best friend.” Well, I am here to tell you through Facebook, Bible Study groups, as well as church, we  all encounter people that we would like to be friends with based on a certain “persona” but we need to really let God lead us to the right people because often He is keeping us from connecting with certain ones in an effort ot protect us and our hearts.  Facebook, church and Online Bible Study groups are great ways to connect with people, but it is also a place where deep wounds of hurt can happen. Let God direct you to the right individuals and continue to tell yourself that you are worth more than just having “anyone” for a friend. He has the right friends already picked out for you.

Today, I want to offer you hope. Today in Texas it is very cold and chilly outside, but tomorrow the weather will possibly be totally different. Each day we walk with the Lord, we have the ability to have a different day, week, month and year and LIFE.. He is the only one that holds the control of our lives, yet that does not give us permission to sit idle and wait for things to all work out. Get out there and make your life the best that it can be. Do the work. Make the steps to improve your situation because each day is the opportuntiy to have the “BEST”. I certainly want Gods best for me and my family, but over the years I have also learned sometimes the BEST is letting go of certain people, things and ideas that I have had in my life and looking for the NEW God wants to offer me.

Please know that I am no expert on anything, other than learning the lessons I have through my own trials, tragedies and struggles. My life story is all I can offer to you, my readers. I am praying that somehow my words offer encouragment, hope and freedom to someone else. HUGS to each of you.

Always thinking of you..



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