Book Review: Letting Go of Perfect by Amy E. Spiegel

Amy discusses all the issues women face in trying to be “perfect” whether for ourselves, our families or to impress God. Amy discusses many topics in her book from vanity within the world from thinking it is normal to see Victoria Secrets modeling on primetime television to dealing with the demands of running a household, all the while trying to measure up to the demands of being “perfect”. Amy discusses the fact that often times in her quest to be perfect, she became very demanding to her family, friends and everyone she encountered. Over time, she realized that she was not a very nice person when she held herself and everyone else up to such a standard of perfection because in reality perfection is not possible. Amy talks throughout the book about her friendships and the problems she faced in trying to meet everyones demands but more importantly, her own demands of the “perfect” friendship. The book was well written and she was able to write in a manner where every woman can find some point to relate on, all the while helping us find a new way of trying to be our best. Perfection is not possible but we can be the best God has called us to be, which is all He ask of us. Loved the book and well worth reading.


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