Book Review: R. C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul wrote an outstanding book for the Christian. The Table of Contents has some great chapters such as The Goal of Christian Living, Battle with the World, The Battle with the Flesh,, The Sin of Pride as well as many others within the total of 15 chapters. The book is well written just as all R. C.’s books but I believe as Christians we often struggle with trying to figure out exactly what God expects from us and what we need to do to get his “approval” yet the book reinforces the fact that God only wants is US.. R. C. discusses the fact that we often make progress toward controlling our flesh but then we take several steps backwards. Our struggles are not any surprise to God whether we struggle with the worldly influences, the flesh struggle or the sin of dishonesty or slothfulness which R. C. also discusses. One of the great quotes that I loved from the book was ” There is such a thing as backsliding. Sometimes the slide seems as if it is greased with the slickest substance the Devil can use. But like children who totter at the top of a slide, fearful to move, we have a heavenly Father who guards the edge and who waits at the bottom of the slide to catch us in His arms.”  Doesn’t this describe our Heavenly Father? I am thankful for the awesome words R. C. Sproul wrote to describe our struggles to please God, we are still loved by a God who offers grace and forgiveness. Please take the opportunity to read this book because I know it will speak to you as well. Great book with a powerful message.


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