Lucinda Bassett ” Truth Be Told” Book Review

Truth Be Told

By Lucinda Bassett

Review by Angie Webb

Lucinda’s story tugged on my heartstrings because my story was very similar. I have lost 3 family members to suicide and my grandmother to suicide/murder, so this story touches me deeply.


Lucinda’s story describes the desperation she felt in trying to find the help of professionals within the medical community to provide the correct diagnosis and mental health care that David so desperately needed. Yet, in the end the medical community could not stop the downward spiral of David even when Lucinda could see the red flags continuing to pop up in her husband’s life.

David was the backbone of the success of the Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety, yet even though Lucinda and David worked with stress and anxiety patients, the downward spiral of David’s mental health continued to grow progressively worse, and later he ultimately took his own life.

Lucinda discusses in the book her walk out of the grief, her feelings of guilt, her children’s struggles with the loss of their father, and also for Lucinda to find her own way back to a life where she could move forward and offer to help others. Lucinda says, “ For my own healing, I have no choice but to use it in this way.” The story Lucinda has walked will offer hope and healing to other’s facing the same tragedy in their own lives or to offer help to another person in the wake of suicide.

I believe the story of “Truth be Told: A Memoir of Success, Suicide and Survival” is going to be a bestseller and is well worth reading. Take the time today to read this wonderful woman’s story of survival in the depths of despair. She will offer you hope and guide you on a journey to healing from the deep losses in your life.


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