“Sudden Glory” by Sharon Jaynes

Sudden Glory is a great book, just like all of Sharon’s books. I have been a avid reader of her books for years and with this book, she didn’t disappoint.
Sharon has the following chapters:
The Glory Ache
Recognizing God’s Passionate Pursuit
Living in Sacred Union
Joining God in Continual Conversation and others

Sharon discusses in “Living in Sacred Union” that we often complain of not having a close relationship, yet we often use the excuse of being busy as the reason. Sharon goes on to discuss that we use the “busy” excuse as a reason but we often enjoy being busy. We can keep God at arms length even though in reality we want a close union with God. She says, ” We work and we work and we work.Striving for what we already have.” Isn’t this true? Often we think that something is missing but it isn’t God; it is us that has pulled away from God. Sharon uses many personal stories, letters from other readers as well as definitions and reference materials to devel into the Word of God all the while leading us to a closer relationship to have our ache for something more filled.
I loved the book and would definitely pass this copy along to another friend.
Sharon is a great author. I love all of her books and this is another keeper.


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