Dear Angie,



Dear Angie,

2012 is gone and over with.. The year was full of many ups and downs, yet through it all, God was guiding you into a new place. Angie, you have learned much this year yet there were many things still to learn.

2012 began like any other year, but through a period of trying, you found out who your real friends were. Those you trusted only in the end, left you hurt, discouraged and not trusting once again. Trust is hard for you to hand over very easily, and these women took your heart and broke it in two. You felt like the healing that had begun in your heart, was once again for nothing because the women you trusted with your deepest feelings and pains, only used that to make you look like the enemy and that you were not worthy. Yet, through even this Angie, you looked to me for your worth and value. You did not allow catty words of women, to make you doubt yourself. You learned from this situation and realized that this ministry was not where you were called to be. Thankfully, you are now listening to me instead of the enemies of the world. The world is not very kind and you have had more than your share of of the worlds unkindness. Thankfully, we have moved on from this fiasco and you are now on the path that I have called you to walk.

The year was not kind to you on many levels. The unresolved issue with your son is still very painful, yet let me, God, handle that situation. Don’t try to fix it yourself or go back into a situation where you are continually treated badly. Your son will have to hit the bottom and if that is the reality that must happen, then he will have to turn back to me for help and there will be consequences for the actions he has done. Everyone is accountable for the words spoken, pain inflicted, and hurt caused; even your son but you as well. This relationship does not work the way it has been for the last 10 years and this is just part of the plan right now. This relationship will be repaired and restored, but I cannot give you a time or date. Just be patient and let me work on your son and let me work on you as well, Angie. No one is perfect, yet I do know that you love your son and your grandchildren. The pain of loss of not having them in your life has been hard and placed a deep wound in your soul, yet there is a time and place where all of that will be only a memory.

In May, you had a surprise visit from a family member you had not seen in about 10 years. This surprise was a catalyst for a huge change in your life. This was someone that meant a lot to you years before and through your struggles with fear, anxiety and agorphobia, the loss of family was a reality for you as well, Angie. I am thankful that was a push for you to step out of that fear, anxiety and agorphobia. By the end of May, you had made a plan to make a trip 8 hours away to see the family you had lost touch with. Agoraphobia is not from me, YOUR LORD. You made this trip with your husband and younger son, which was a stretch for you. Yet, you didn’t quit. You didn’t give up and you didn’t let the enemy stop you. You took that step and made the trip, while making memories. Freedom is yours. It may not be easy, but keep moving forward because the world is waiting for you and your message.

Change has been a them for the year, because after being in the workforce for many years, you finally were able to be at home for the year. Your family business has blossomed and grown, all the while giving you the opportunity to use your story to minister to others. You have stretched yourself and written for others on their websites and magazines, and through it all you continue to give me the praise and glory that I deserve as your GOD. I have called you to a new place and a new path. It may not make sense at this time, but even when you are unsure, you are still moving forward. The writing and guest writing is part of my plan, yet now you have new opportunities opening up for you as well. The doors I am opening, I am thankful you are willing to walk through. The situation with a new job will be handled by ME, yet you need to not fret or worry. You are exactly where I have called you to be. Keep moving forward.

The end of the year brought pain and heartache again because of the lack of resolution and restoration with your son and his family, but through it all, you have kept your face smiling and trusting ME. Christmas was a wonderful opportunity to minister to those that had no family and you were willing to open your doors to others less fortunate. I, YOUR GOD, see your heart even when others do not. Do not fret or worry. Remember that I(GOD) am in control and just be available and listen to my still small voice. I am there. I am guiding you.

I am aware of all you have been through in your life and it is not in vain. You are not lost anymore and you are always being held in the palm of MY HAND. Be still and listen. Stay close to ME.. I am walking with you and I am so proud of all that you have done this year to be FREE… It has only just begun. I am proud of you, my child.



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