Sweet Life

m&m sweet life


  Isn’t it the sweet, small things in life that really matter?

In 2013, our world is so fast paced, yet we still want to have the connections to our families, friends and church community. But maybe you are like me and just don’t understand how to make all of the “LIFE” fit into the 24 hours God gave each one of us.

I love technology and all of the advances our world has made in the last 20 years or so. We now have computers with internet capabilities even while we are not home. Who would’ve thought of that 20 years ago? Then we have phones that are so big you can watch a television show on them if you want or read a book. Wow. Our world has really advanced yet there seems to be something missing in all of the advances of technology.

We have stopped being a part of a community or even our own families. We find ourselves reading our FB status while in the company of others at Christmas or we find ourselves being involved in something on the internet while our family is wanting us to interact with them while everyone is together. Yet, here we are trying to stay in touch with “everyone” and “everything” all the while neglecting our own loved ones and often the one we are neglecting is ourselves.

God did not design us to be so busy that we forget our own sense of need and down time from keeping all of the plates spinning. God wants us to seek Him and His face first, yet often in today’s world we do this last or not at all. We wake up in the morning and the texts, phone calls and Internet demands our attention and this continues into the wee hours of the morning at times, yet we must decide that we have to STOP. Stop the spinning and people pleasing because if we do not take care of ourselves and connect with those we love, then what is the purpose in having all of the Facebook “friends” and Twitter “followers” and views on our blogs. None of that matters.

It is the small, simple, sweet things that matter most to me. The dogs sweet snuggles while napping with me or my husband asking me to go eat lunch out with him. The greeting card I receive in the snail mail. The bag of Chips Ahoy cookies that I love, yet am trying not to eat. The time to read a good book inthe quiet of the house The small. The simple. The sweet.

I want to remind you today: God wants us to rest, relax and enjoy this life He has given us. I enjoy technology just as much as the next person, but at some point we must walk away and find some peace as well as quiet. The sweet, small, simple voice of God will speak if we are quiet and listen. I know God has all the power and His voice can be demanding at times, yet when we are quiet, He has the opportunity to speak those sweet, simple, and sometimes small things to our hearts. Listen today. What do you hear?

Lord, today I would like to offer my heart to you to change in whatever way you need to do today. I know my word for this year is RESTORE and I want you to restore my relationships, my health, my peace, my joy and my love for others. Lord, you have a bigger plan for me and the readers of this post than we could ever think or imagine, yet we must be still and listen. To do that, we must leave the technology for a period to be able to listen more to YOUR voice than the voice of the world. The world will fail us and leave us only feeling more burned out and more exhausted, when you want us to rest, restore and repair our hearts and bodies. Time to rest is important. Time to listen is needed. Lord, help each of us to know our own limits and to find our acceptance in YOU and not the world. The world, whether it is kind or not, is not our HOME. Our home is with you and our hearts must be connected to you, before we can be connected to anyone else in the right way. Lord, give us the power and purpose in our calls today, but also help us to know when to put the brakes on and rest.






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