God’s Instruction

“It is vain for man to endeavor to instruct man in those things which the Holy Spriit alone can teach.” Madame Guyon

In reading this quote, it really struck a nerve with me because this is an area that I struggle with. I want to be another person’s guide and conscious, when in reality God and the Holy Spirit are the only guides and convicting that any of us need, yet we often continue to push our ways on others, demand our rights, belittle and harm those that do not think or act the way we wish they would/could.

I am definetly guilty of this in my own life and certainly in relationships that I have currently or have had in the past. I think I am “helping” or “guiding” yet the bottom line is that I am judging and wanting each person I have any contact with, to think, feel and basically see life the way I do… But no one is me but ANGIE..

How about you? Are you guilty of this as well? I know is so easy in today’s world to sit back and look at the world through our own eyes, yet we have no idea what God is doing in the background or how HE is working the situation out. This may involve some misguided actions on our parts or the parts of others, yet ultimately it is God who must be the conscious and lead to conviction whatever the problems/demands/disfunction/hurt may be.. In my own life, I wish, cry, pray and try to “FIX” a certain situation that I have been dealing with for the last 3 years in my relationship with our oldest son. I have done all of the “FIXING”, “HOLY SPIRIT..ing” and “DEMANDING” for him to see my “SIDE” of things, yet it has done no good.. NOW, I have had to step back and let the chips fall where they may…

If that requires having no relationship with him or his family for now, then so be it.. I cannot live with the hurt, anger, dysfunction, abuse, hatefulness any longer. I deserve better and will now let the HOLY SPIRIT and GOD do what they feel must be done to correct this situation. IT may not happen in my time or even in this lifetime, but I have finally resigned myself to the fact that God knows what is best.

Of course, as a mother, father and younger brother, it breaks our heart to be treated as such but I know that by allowing the mistreatment to continue, we only are enabling continued bad behavior and basically condoning the treatment which we receive… Yet, I don’t condone the behavior and will no longer be a party to this type of relationship.
NOW.. I am walking away and leaving it in the Hands of GOD… I pray that HE will do what is necessary to correct and heal the relationship, but if not, I still will trust. I will still have faith. I will still believe HE knows best. I will still believe….PERIOD..

Today Lord, I ask that you reach down and touch those hearts that hurting from deep wounds and deep longing for relationships to be restored. I believe that this year will be the year for RESTORE in my life and the lives of others desperately seeking a restoration of relationships, finances, employment as well as physical and emotional healing. Lord, you are worthy of our praise even when we do not feel that our needs are being met in the manner we so desperately wish for. You know best and I ask for you to help us to continue to trust, believe and have faith that you are working all things for our benefit; even the bad. Romans 8:28.. Lord, I specifically ask for you to protect my son today. Be with him and his dangerous job in the oilfield. Please put a hedge of protection around him daily. Lord, keep him safe from harm. Lord, help him to seek YOUR face in the restoration of his family. I know he has so much pain in his heart from the past and losses of loved ones, yet only YOU Lord know how to help him. I have to let you be LORD now and love my son, Wade in a way only you can do. I have done all I know to do and it has not be enough. Lord, help him to know and feel our love even when he doubts it.. Help his eyes to be opened to the dissension others are trying to cause. Lord.. Help us all in this situation.


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