The Journey Continues

The journey continues, even though it has been 17 years now.. Some days it feels like it was yesterday when I lost my grandparents to murder/suicide, yet I still feel lost on some days.

Each day, I move my feet, one in front of the other, so I don’t sit and think about the loss. Neenie, my grandma, was the ultimate grandmother. Few children had the opportunity to benefit from such a wonderful woman, yet she touched so many other lives; not just mine. We mad mud pies, played in the tree house, went to sleepovers at church with friends, made homemade taffy and through it all, I knew I was deeply loved.

Loved for the child I was; not who I needed to be in the eyes of my parents.Neenie accepted me through all of the struggles and pain I had in my home life. She walked beside me holding my hand through many nights of feeling unloved. Memories were made and love abounded each time I saw or talked to my Neenie. She was the ultimate example of Christ in my small, narrow, child like mind and heart.

Love abounds in the small, simple and often the profound. Be the love to someone in need today. God is teaching me that even though I will never forget the loss of Neenie, I can love others as she taught me through her example. Neenie loved deeply, loved fully and loved unconditionally. I pray that I continue to learn how to LOVE LIKE NEENIE did.. I pray that for you as well.



  1. Hi Angie. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. I’m so sorry for your loss. My grandparents were killed suddenly, together in a car accident 17 years ago as well. The pain changes, but it never disappears entirely. Praying with you for healing and peace.

    1. Kimberly. Glad to connect with you. So sorry for your loss. It is tough at times but after 17 years, life is easier now and healing has finally been a part of my life. Thanks for the comment

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