Still Lolo: Book Review


This was one of the best books I have ever read; and I read a ton of books a year.
Still Lolo By Lauren Scruggs

Lauren’s story catches you from the first chapter and from that point forward, you are caught up in her daily struggles growing up all the way to her tragic accident with a airplane prop. Lauren and her family all write their points of the story all through the book, which makes it much more interesting and allows the reader to see the family in different lights. I loved the way Lauren’s mother and sister were both very open and honest with their own struggles and daily walk with God, even to the point of being very honest about an extra marital affair that developed between Lauren’s mother and another man, which ultimately led to the divorce of Lauren’s parents. The book continues to lead the reader continually back to the Word of God for the guide to life; good and bad. Lauren and her accident made a huge impact on the fashion world because Lauren was very well known in the fashion industry such as Fashion Week in New York and Paris. Lauren continues to walk with God even after a horrific accident involving an airplane prop and a loss that touches her whole family and community. I loved, loved this book and will recommend it to anyone that loves a powerful testimony.


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