Where and when do friendshps begin? For me, many of mine have begun in times of need such as after the death of my grandmother to murder and grandfather to suicide.. Yet, often friendships begin in the smallest fashion. Often it is seeing their face and knowing that there possibly could be a connection between the two of you. Other times, it could be having something in common such as a child the same age, employment in the same place or a church home.. But often there is no clear reason why a friendship works or why you treasure someone so much or why they have touched my heart so deeply, yet in this life I have had the privilige of having a few, treasured friends that have been placed in my life for “such a time as this”.

Friendships don’t always stand the test of time. Sometimes there is just an issue, a disagreement, life happens or things change which can cause the friendship to not stand the test of time.

I truly believe that God sends people in to our lives for different reasons and different times to meet specific needs. Some friendships will last a lifetime, others may only be for a season. Usually if the friendship doesn’t last, don’t be chasing after the person. Let them go because the time and place for that person to be in your life is over. God has a better plan. I also know that there are those friendships that often are only for a period in our lives where we need someone to walk along side us for a short time, but then their place in our lives is over. God knows the right people to send into our lives, yet we sit and fret and wring our hands trying to make all of the relationships in our lives work the “way” we want them to.. Wait.. Be patient. He has a better plan for us than we could ever imagine. I know the plan and purpose He has for me is for a good future, full of peace and purpose. If the friendships we hold onto do not build us up, make us look at life in a more positive way, offer us hope and healing, then we do not need to hold onto that friendship.

Let it go.. I know that is easier said than done because I have definetly been in the position where I so desperately wanted a current friendship to not end. But end it did. Now, I can look back and I am so, so thankful that I let that go because I would not be in the place in my life that I am today. This person was not healthy for me or them either. Drama was never ending. Contention was ever present and anxiety was always lingering whenever we were together in any setting.

Friendships should honor, love, cherish, build up, protect, help, heal, cheer for, offer peac.. This one did none of that for me.

Today, I want to offer a few shout out to some really dear friends of mine.. Linda H. Cheryl F. Lenna R. Lisa B. Linda H (2nd), Melinda F, Johnnie H. Sheryl P, Teresa B. and many others… Great bunch of ladies who are always there for me when I need them.. I hope they would say the same about me. Thankful for my friendships..



  1. “I truly believe that God sends people in to our lives for different reasons and different times to meet specific needs.”
    I so agree Angie! Beautiful words! I always enjoy reading what God has placed on your heart to share.

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