Spring is on the Horizon…

garden picture

Gardening is such a wonderful experience, and up until the last few years I really never knew how much I enjoyed this part of life.

A few years ago, I was very ill and almost totally homebound for much of the year due to health issues. I got so tired of being cooped up in the house day after day, we finally purchased a small cow trough and set it up in our front patio. I then proceeded to make myself a small garden, that would house tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, squash and my favorite, zucchini.. Well, the first year I learned some lessons about gardening and learned that I purchased way too many seeds and seedlings for such a small plot of land.

The next year, I did much better on the purchasing of supplies but then the weather did not cooperate. Living in West Texas, you may have rain for days and days or have no rain for months and months. Unfortunately, the latter occurred in this paricular situation. We had NO rain for over 2 months and even though I watered and watered the garden, it just did not do well. NOTHING came up from that poor, pitiful garden.

The next few years have been somewhat better and more productive, yet I now know what and what not to do. Gardening is something that is learned over a period of time… I am ready for Spring and the chance to have a wonderful garden of the blessings from God’s wonderful plan flourishing for my family to enjoy.


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