Where Treasure Hides by Johnnie Donley (Book Review)

where treasure lies

In Where Treasure Lies, Johnnie Donley opens a quaint, artistic novel set in Holland. Allison is sent by her father to live with her grandparents in Holland because her father does not know how to overcome the losses of those he loved, so it is easier to distant himself from his daughter and family.

Allison’s grandparents are big art dealers in Holland and are very well aquainted with the elite within the country because of their art dealings. Allison enjoys the gallery as well as the history behind the paintings; the treasure.

Allison meets Ian on the train during WWII, and they ultimately fall in love. Due to many circumstances within both of their lives, their love story continues to falter, yet Ian will not give up. Over the course of the novel, there is a 6 year period where war is a part of the story, yet the war doesn’t overpower the book. The love story is powerful and poingant but also Johnnie Donley discusses the POW camp that Ian lives in as well as the history surrounding the war itself. Neither the war or the love story overpower the book or make it a historical novel or a love story. The stories are all intertwined and make it a fascinating read. I don’t normally read many fiction books, but this was one book that I would recommend to others. The book is a long read of over 400 pages, but it is a easy read and often very captivating.

I look forward to reading another novel by this author.


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