ReWriting the Script in Your Mind

pic of scripts

Each person, whether from a good home or a not-so good home, has some form of a script in their head that the enemy can use to keep us beat down, feeling rejected or lost but ultimately, the script runs over and over in our minds to keep us from our healing that God so desperately wants for us.

Life can beat us down whether we want it to or not. Tragedies happen. Life gets busy, financial stresses can happen but also we can face relationship struggles because of this continual script we hear over and over in our own minds.

Often we are not hearing the words spoken by anyone else to us, but the words are running rampant in our own minds.

Our original God-given emotional scripts are often warped by messages that our experiences, our cirumstances, and the voices of significant people wrote on our hearts.”

These scripts then become the screenplays for our lives; dictating our responses and reactions. Rewriting the script in your mind and heart will mean erasing old messages that are harmful and replacing them with God’s Word and new attitudes as well.

According to 2 Corinthians 5:17, We are new creations in Christ and everything is new, so this allows us to rewrite the old and make it brand new in our mind.

One of the enemies tactics in keeping us bound to the “bad” script, is by wanting us to believe that we are not precious to God. The enemy wants our doubts, shame, guilt and fears to keep us blinded to the depths of love God has for us and how precious we are to him as individuals. We often think that everyone else is precious to HIM; except us.

Often, we are not even fully aware of the total healing that God wants to perform in our lives because of our own scripts saying we are worthless, beyond repair, our sins are too deep, our pain is too severe and on and on. The scripts continue to have the power to control our lives, when in reality GOD IS THE ULTIMATE POWER and He calls us precious, worthy, loved, valued and chosen.

Today, I want to offer you a word of encouragement from someone that lived with a very unhealthy script for 47 years. My script was burrowed deep down into my mind and heart from years of rejection, abuse, loss and fear, yet over time of changing the script and the way I spoke to myself and about myself, God has opened a door of feeling peace on many levels that I have never experienced before. Oh, of course, the enemey wants to draw me back into his evil web of lies and rejection but thankfully, most days that is not even a possiblity. I am not where I want to be in my walk with the Lord and I am certainly not free from all of the past, but through changing my words, thoughts and feelings, I am able to change the evil script that keeps trying to control my life into a positive script where God has the control over me and my life.

Each day:
Remember you are worhty
Remember you are loved
Remember you are chosen
Remember you are FREE
Remember you are HIS


  1. This is something I really need to work on. As of today I will be re-weighting the script in my mind. Thank for sharing your heart.

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