word restore

Today, I am linking up with Only A Breath with Melanie at http://www.onlyabreath.com/ about the lessons we have learned from our one word for 2013.

My word is RESTORE…

When God revealed to me this word at the end of December, I was not sure what it meant, but through the last few months, GOD has revealed more and more layers to this word.

Lessons I have learned:

1. RESTORE doesn’t necessarily mean RESTORE the way I originally thought, but GOD has a better plan than I can ever imagine.

2. RESTORE comes in different forms but for me, I have learned that God is slowly restoring me to my original purpose and His original plan for my life.

3. I began this year believing for restoration for the relationship with our son, but slowly and surely I have resigned myself to the fact that this may not happen this year, but God knows the right time for this to happen.

4. RESTORE OR RESTORATION came into my own heart in a small way in February through a clearing of the air about a past conflict. Even though nothing was resolved or repaired, the process allowed me much freedom and closure to the past pain.

5. RESTORE does not have to be perfect, clear or on my timetable. RESTORE can happen in the small places in my life.

6. RESTORE for me has been a place of restoring to a sound mind, health and heart for my own well being. Carrying around the pain of the past loss, abuse and family dysfunction has been a weight that God has not asked me to carry.

7. RESTORE has been a finding of myself on this journey. I grew up with a very talented grandmother, who loved to paint, crafts and be a life long learner. I have never really searched for my crafty side but this year, I have opened myself up to learning new talents such as acrylic painting, woodworking and greeting card design. I have been surprised at how much natural talent I apparently have had all of this time. I am loving the process of learning new crafts and art mediums.

8. RESTORE has taught me this year needs to be about ME.. For 47 years I have lived a life full of painful rejection, abuse, anxiety, fear and agoraphobia. During all of the pain from the past, I have lost myself. I have learned that this year must be about finding myself, having healthy relationships and making memories with those in my life. The first 47 years of my life were controlled by anxiety, far and agoraphobia. I want the next 47 years to be lived for God and to be happy with my life, all of the while moving forward on the next path God has planned for me.


10. RESTORE…. What else will I learn over the next 9 months?

I pray that God will reveal to me the continued path I am called to walk and the doors I need to walk through. Restoration is a continued process..


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