Gospel of Yes: Book Review

Mike Glenn brings such a powerful statement of learning to live in the YES of life through this great book. Mike Glenn has some very well known individuals endorsing this book such as Brad Paisley and Jerry B. Jenkins. Mike seems to have made a very real impact on his church family and his community. Through Mike helping the reader learn that the gospel is for “US” and to live in the YES of life, we can stop striving to be someone else, live someone else’s life or to keep working to be something we are not called to be. I know some of the books teachings often seem to contridict what I have thought the Bible taught, yet Glenn seems to hold to those beliefs. I am not totally sure I agree with all of the statements that Glenn made and often I thought he was totally off base about certain aspects of the Word. I can only judge the book by the content and I do believe it was a well written book and I would offer it as a sounding board for the topic of living in the YES and not striving to be someone else, yet I would not base the review on the biblical content because I disagree with some of the content and his interpretation of the Word of God.


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