Lead Your Family Like Jesus

blogger for LYFLJ

Being on the Lead Your Family Like Jesus Launch Team has been such an amazing blessing.

First, I have had the opportunity to connect with Tricia Goyer on the book launch team and learn more about her heart, her vision and her ministry to help others find their way in this sometimes not so nice world.

Second, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people through the launch team and become good friends with many of them that continue today through Facebook.

Third, I have had the opportunity to read the awesome book that Tricia co-authored with Phil Hodges and Ken Blanchard. I have read some of the books previously written by Tricia and Ken seprately but I have never read a book written by them together. This book opened my eyes to many things I wish I had the opportunity to learn when my children were younger, but I truly believe that the information in the book can work in relationships even where there are not small children or teenagers. I truly learned many great tips about building a relationship with my husband through our relationship together but totally focused on our relationship with God first and foremost.

Topics such as:
Time With God
I am so busy
Being a good leader
Staying on Course
Having a family mission
Family Values
Dealing with Crisis
Having EGO: Edging God Out
Discipline of Children

The book was well written and was easy to follow. It was not written for any specific age group of children but could be used for any age group from small toddlers to grown children.

My children are grown men now and I wish I had this book when I was a young mom of two small children. My kids are 22 years old and 28 years old. Hopefully, one day I can use this valuable book to help my grandkids grow into children and adults who love the Lord and who live their lives truly focused on serving HIM and one another.


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