Seeing through the Mud


mud picture

Living in this often difficult world, we can at times forget that each person we meet has a story to tell. As Christians, we can often forget that our story may be the same as theirs, yet maybe they are in a different place than we are. Maybe we have pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps and God’s Word while trying to move forward from whatever horrendous, tragic, life altering, or even somewhat normal life experiences, yet they seem to be stuck in the same ditch that they have been in for many years.

Why do we sit in judgment of someone else, when in reality where they are currently living in life could be our own story if not for the grace of God?

Looking through the mud at others we meet is often difficult because it requires a willingness to “SEE” people in their sufferings, loss and often pain and as Christians we usually want to avoid any interaction with “such things” .. Doesn’t God ask us to stop and help the Samaritain, yet most times we walk right on by? We don’t even have the courtesy to look in the eyes of those stooped down and dragging their pain and past with them.. We just keep walking. Keep moving in our own small, tidy worlds because we don’t want to get “dirty.”

Yet, life is dirty. Suicides, Murder, Affairs, Dysfunctional Relationships, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism and on and on happen in this life… Life is not perfect and Life is difficult at times..

Struggling through life is not what God sent His Son to die on the cross for. God sent Jesus to die on the cross so that we can have abundant life and life overflowing with peace, joy, love and happiness. (JOHN 10:10)

I can attest from my own journey that often I felt unseen during the most difficult places in my own life journey. Loss through multiple family members suicides and the loss of my grandmother to murder pushed me to the depths of despair, anger and eventually giving up.. During this time most people turned their faces away from me..(not literally) but they certainly did not know what to say or what to do to help me on the path my life was on, yet all I really needed was one good friend to reach out and be there for me. My family needed a good, Godly friend who would walk beside me and my struggling family.. Yet, the mud covered up the masterpiece God designed me to be in this life. The mud became so caked on me that I gave up on life.. Gave up on being happy. Gave up on trusting ANYONE, especially MYSELF.. MUD covered so much of my life because I did not believe in myself but more importantly, I did not believe that God was listening to my broken heart.. I felt alone and felt lost..

Anxiety, fear and agoraphobia started gaining more and more control over my life …. because the MUD of my sufferings continued to keep my joy, hope, peace, trust, acceptance covered up.. God had a big shell of mud to break through and the journey was going to be challenging, difficult and demanding at times.. It is still not over because I have so much more to accomplish in this life, but I am thankful that God is walking beside me and helping me to uncover the beautiful person He originally designed me to be.. I am by no means perfect, but I do know regardless of what I face in this life, God walks beside me and holds my hand. He values me far above the sparrows.. He loves me unconditionally.. I am thankful and blessed to be where I am today and I am excited to see where God will take me on this journey of SEEING THROUGH THE MUD..



  1. This was beautifully written and so true. I find myself struggling to see others past what my carnal mind views. A lot of the time, we can’t see past our own struggles. If we would, we might find peace through helping others find it also. God bless!

  2. Wonderfully expressed here, Angie. Looking through the mud with the eyes of Christ. I often heard it say,” let muddy water settle” just think what we were see if we waited, really looked and loved, letting the water settle instead of rushing to judge, criticize and label. Good thoughts here!

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