Joni and Ken: Book Review

Most people have heard of Joni and her tragic accident, but this book offers so much more detail of her journey for the last 30 years. As Christians, it is easy to claim that we trust God and His plan, but Joni and Ken have walked this journey through sickness as well as health. Joni has such a heart for helping those less fortunate, yet Ken has always stood behind her supporting her in all areas of life. These two are such a sweet couple yet both have struggled in their marriage. Overcoming the struggles of caring for Joni day in and day out seem to be difficult for Ken and he later develops a extreme case of depression. All of this develops after Joni’s diagnosis with cancer. Joni and Ken begin to drift apart in their marriage and much of the book discusses their marriage and how they reconnected after many struggles. Much of the book was written in a difficult format to read for me personally. It did not seem to flow well and Ken did not have much to say in the book. The book had some great information in it but I personally did not feel like it was very well written. I learned much about Ken and Joni which I did not know.


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