Lost and Found by Ginny Yttrup: Book Review

Lost and Found touched my heart in a deep, profound way. Jenna’s words of saying she is walking away from her life but that God will illuminate her path. Jenna struggles with a very domineering mother in law who constantly criticizes her and her every choice. Bridgette, Jennas mother in law, has a very heavy hand within the community as well as the running of her vineyard. Jenna felt confined and controlled in every aspect of her life, even by the relationship with her husband who is much older. Jenna hates her life and has no idea of how to change the situation she finds herself. Yet, when tragedy strikes the family everyone must come together to keep things intact. Will they each be able to stand together and stand strong for one another, without losing themselves more and more.? Jenna so desperately wants God to be proud of her, but due to her physical scars, she feels unworthy. After the tragedy, Jenna learns that God loves her and accepts her totally, whether anyone else does or not. This was a great read and well worth the purchase. It definetly spoke to my heart because I have felt so many of these same emotions.


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