Tragedy; Oh My!!!

Today’s world is so chaotic as we have seen in the recent news.

This leads to question WHY???

There are no answers for questions such as this, other than to say that evil exists even when we wish it didn’t.

After the Boston bombing during the Boston Marathon, as well as the recent explosion in West, Texas, we often wonder why lives much be lost in such horrible tragedies?

There is no evidence at this point that West, Texas was anything other than a freak accident, yet we do know that the Boston explosion as well as Sandy Hook shooting were planned and perpetrated by very sick, evil minds full of hate and violence.

What has our world come to?

I know from experience when tragedy happens, it changes our make-up and who we are whether we want it to or not. Life will never be the same but that doesn’t mean we can give up…

After the suicide of my brother-in-law and then the suicide of an uncle exactly a year later, the reality of my life changed on many different levels because I had to explain to my children why such horrible things happen. The worst moment in my own life was when I lost my grandparents to a suicide/murder in 1996.

This is when the WHY’S, the begging God to change the reality I was facing and the often points of unforgiveness and anger began. I was devestated and so lost with not understanding.

The families facing these tragedies will feel so many different emotions on many different levels as well as points of total shutting down. This is normal, yet we must continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones or they themselves have been injured. It is a devestating world we live in today, yet I am forever grateful that I know GOD is still in control even when it seems as though evil is winning.

The ones that continue to perpetrate evil on the world need to read the end of the BIBLE..


AS believers: WE WIN… The Bible says we will receive all of the best if we believe in God and Jesus Christ.


  1. We need to keep moving forward and not let evil have the final word. I saw a video of Boston residents in the streets when the 2nd suspect was finally captured and they gathered singing the National Anthem. It was BEAUTIFUL! I pray we continue to let that same spirit reside in our hearts. Blessings.

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