Simple Sunday

sweet waters

Sundays seem to be frantic at times or it seems that way in my home. We often are rushing around preparing for our time at church, yet in all of the rush we often seem to miss the true meaning of our purpose in attending church:

To Worship Jesus Christ

Lif is hectic and busy for everyone, but personally I have had a hard time adjusting to being a part of the work force again after about 16 months of being at home. It has been a blessing to be employed again because this frees hubby up for less stress about finances, but also it has allowed me to step out of my past fears, anxiety and agoraphobia on a deeper level all the while being a part of the public again. I have enjoyed being able to meet new friends through my job as well as learn a new position through my current job as Assistant Manager for the clothing store. I laugh at the situation at times because this is a particular store I would have never shopped at before because it would make me very anxious to drive there as well as shop there because of the distance it was away from my home. (all part of the agoraphobia)..

Yet, now look where I am currently employed: This same store. God certainly has a sense of humor when He called me out of my past and into freedom.

I don’t want to lose sight of all that God has done in my life and I need to remember that I go to church to worship the ONE who has set me FREE.

Today, I hope you will take time to have a SIMPLE SUNDAY full of God’s peace, promise and blessings. He has done a tremendous work in my own life and I know if He can do it for me, then He can do it for anyone. Be blessed today in your time with your family. God Bless

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  1. He is Good! Enjoying a simple Sunday sitting on my patio waiting for hubby to return home from playing Army. It’s just gorgeous! Blessings to you my friend.

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