Today, see everyone as people on a spiritual journey that often times does not follow a straight and narrow path.

Many times there are bumps, ditches, narrow paths, darkness as well as pain along the way of struggling through the journey of life.

Maybe we should realize: WE are all on a journey

Life can get us down at times yet if we remember that no one has it down perfectly and struggles are part of learning, we would make it easier on ourselves but also on others in our lives.

I know personally, I have learned over the last year especially that everyone is vlunerable and everyone is often anxious, fearful and worried about the challenges in their lives, just as I am in my own life.

I have learned to SEE others for the struggling souls that they are. In Mud and the Masterpiece by John Burke, he discusses that in the church we often forget that we all have mud on us due to our sins and struggles, but God sees a masterpiece.

I am working to remember this in every encounter I have with someone else.

A struggling soul; maybe feeling lost

A story that is continuing to play out; God has the plan

Stuff that was not theirs to carry around; God can handle it. Give it to Him.

See them through my own memories of feeling lost, alone, anxious and fearful; Maybe this is where they are at today.

Allow my own memories to be the looking glass through which I see those who I feel may be in the same place I was before.

Today, let us take the time to remember the blood, community and world family with the compassion, support and love you know it will take to inspire them to want to do better and be better.

I am now aware to the idea that maybe what I see in others represents the fears I have about myself.



  1. Angie…you are so right. When I first became a Christian in 1975, I was so emotionally ill, and the expectation was that I would get it all together very quickly since I now had the Lord’s help. The truth was, he had a lot to teach me and that took TIME. We are all at different growing points in life, and we are all on this journey together. Great post!

  2. Thanks Linda. I know this is something I have learned the hard way at times. I understand about being so emotionally ill. I have been there before but I am thankful that I am finding my way out of that junk. God Bless. I hope you are doing well.

  3. so so very true. The journey we are on, is amazing, sometimes it is an emotional illness, physical illness, mental illness, what better way than for God to use them to bring glory to Him. We will SEE what he brings to glory.

  4. Dear Angie
    Thank you so much!!! This is so true and even more important to always keep in mind! I always ask our Lord too enable me to see others through His eyes and not to judge even when the behavior is overtly wrong. We may judge the wrong deed, but not degrade anyone.
    Blessings from Emily’s.

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