happy face

My family has had a hard year in many ways. Heartache, loss, pain, tragedy as well as many great memories as well.

Today, after visiting my aunt that has cancer for over 3 years, I remembered that God holds all of our days in His hand… The good, the bad, the ugly; yet more importantly, the wonderful, joyful times.

In life, it is often easy to forget that a smile can change someone’s day from bad to good… Be that someone today.

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  1. Angie — loved your smiley face. Thanks for it, as I write memories from 2 years ago, as difficult as this journey has been, its nice to see someone who writes with love toward her family despite the harsh circumstances and is a beakoning light to to others. Thanks so much!

    1. We all have hard times, yet I am thankful God carries us through. I pray that you are doing well after your tornado tragedy. Makes us appreciate what we have..

  2. Hi Angie – So glad to be getting to know you. This post is a great reminder of the gift God has given all of us, the ability to help each other. That can often start with a smile. A good thing to think about as I start my week!

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