Your Assignment

Your Assignment

Do you ever question what you are here on earth to do?

I know I have wondered that more often than I care to admit, but I have decided that I must live in the here and now all the while trying to find my calling from God..


Yet, when we question what God has called then we are basically saying that God has made a mistake and messed up when He called us to the assignment we have..
Whether that is:
being a mom
being a hard worker at the job I have
being a prayer warrior
cleaning someone else’s home
being an author or blogger
leading a church as a pastor or youth minister
driving a school bus
working at a daycare

If we are questioning our current assignment then God will not call us to any other assignment. We will stay exactly where we are at in this time and place.. Nothing will change. We will stay frustrated, upset and wondering why nothing changes.

Our hearts must change first
and then God will direct us onto the next assignment or open doors to open in our current place of assignment.

Your assignment will always cause other to succeed and your assignment will always require you to go places you never dreamed of going. DREAM BIG
Your assignment will cause you to be celebrated; not tolerated. Luke 9:5

Your assignment will require wisdom.

Wisdom is obtained in two ways:

Wisdom is not something we are born with and nor are we born qualified for our assignment. There will be bumps in the road and bruises along the way, yet that does not mean we stop striving to fulfill the God ordained assignment God has given us to do in this life.


Our assignment is something only we can accomplish.

Our assignment will require us to solve problems only we can solve.
Our assignment will require us to help others only we can help.
Our assignment will require us to be love to someone else that maybe no one else acknowledges.
Our assignment will require PAIN, PASSION and PURPOSE.

Lord, today I want to offer hope for those wondering exactly what their purpose is for today. You know our hearts and you also know our desire to be worthy of your call on our lives. Help us today to not waste the time we have remaining and also do not let us lose hope in the call you have on our lives. We all have a purpose and an assignment from you. Let us stay strong and finish well.. We must stay focused and faithful in the small.. Lord, help me to remember that I am not where I used to be but I am also not where I want to be. Thank You for the wonderful gifts you have provided for my family in the last year on all levels. We are praising You. Thankful..



  1. Dropping by from My Freshly Brewed Life. It is totally a relief that our lives have purpose…God’s purpose…and it is always to His glory and our good. Have a blessed week and thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. Hello- Stopping by from Still Saturday and The Sunday Community…your post encourages me…I am spending this month watching my nieces and nephews for my sister and I was wondering why this assignment now…my children are grown and I was moaning to my husband about not getting to do what I want…and he quietly replied, You know what you are doing is valuable. Everything we do out of love and for God and others he places in our life is valuable…thanks for the encouragement and wisdom to accept God’s assignment for me this month!

  3. I like your quote at the beginning about not minimizing the job God has given us. Too often I wonder why I’m where I am instead of thanking God that His plan is perfect for me and He could only work out this plan through me. Good thoughts.

  4. “Our assignment will require pain, passion and purpose.” So true! Sometimes I shrink back from pain, but I am learning to see even those seasons in my life through new eyes. All is for His glory!

  5. This makes me think of Esther and the words from Ester 4:14…”For a time such as this.” I find many times I get caught up in what God may be calling me to do in the future…when for a time such as this He has called me to be a wife, a mother, a writer, an employee, etc. He is calling me to live with purpose in those things He’s called me to be at this very moment. Beautiful post Angie.

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