They Lacked Confidence, They Didn’t Trust God, and They Didn’t Believe It Existed

“Mom, I just don’t get it!”

My 6-year-old old was dumbfounded. She just didn’t understand. It didn’t make sense to her.

“Mom, why would God’s people leave Egypt to go to the Promised Land and then want to go back? Why would they go forward and then want to go backwards?”

I looked at her innocent face, “Great question, sweetie. Let’s think about it. What would make God’s people want to turn back?”


Oh my child, what a loaded question.

It was morning devotional time with the kids. And just when I thought we finished, she goes and asks a question like that.

Why do we get all excited to leave our Egypt and go to the Promised Land, only to get midway and lose sight of the promise?

I looked at my children, “Okay, why do you think they wanted to go back?”

Their answers provided a lively morning discussion…

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