Giveaway of this awesome journal. Leave a comment of something you have learned today or this week. Something you have gleaned from the Word or a conversation or a book you have read. Winner will win the journal after all names are put in a hat.. Good luck



  1. There have been so many things that I have learned from His Word. This is that God will provide everything in his own time, not ours. He will provide when it is best for us not when we ask or we think it is best. We are His children, and he is our father. Like Fathers do for their Children they want whats best for their children. Our Heavenly Father wants the same for us.

  2. Cute! I am constantly learning. This week, I think the thing that has stood out most is learning to be patient. Waiting on His time in all things. It’s not always easy and I usually tackle things head on and get frustrated when I can’t finish them right away. Patience is definitely a lesson I continue to struggle with but am thankful for His guidance and teaching 🙂

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