Freedom One Step at a Time

Each day that I wake up, first off I thank God for once again blessing me with the experience of living another day as well as loving others and being loved.

Today, I am on a journey which includes a road trip about 8 hours from home.

For those of you who know me, this is a huge step once again.

Last year I began the path to totally be free from fear, anxiety, agoraphobia after struggling all of my life with all of the above.

I have been a believer since the age of 10 years old, but life had dealt me a hand that led to a life filled with anxiety, fear, self doubt, and later a level of agoraphobia. Life was not easy for me as a child or an adult.

Life beat me up on many levels including abuse, neglect and later multiple family members suicides and even the murder of my beloved grandmother.

LIFE WAS TOUGH and I allowed the enemy to use all of my past to keep me bound. BONDAGE was my friend and my idol on many levels. (SEE my post called “FEEDING ON ASHES.”

I allowed the anxiety to become my best friend.

It knew me well and I also knew it well. We were best buds even though I cringed every time I felt it creeping up on me.. Yet, the round and round continued. ..

Life was a vicious cycle because I so desperately wanted freedom from anxiety, fear but for some reason God didn’t set me free until last year.

We left for vacation to see family on August 21st 2012 and visited family for 5 days. We traveled about 1600 miles on that first trip. Each mile we went, I could feel the bondage slowly falling off of me and my life. I will not say that I didn’t feel anxiety on some level, but over the 5 days God did a tremendous work in my heart and life.

This trip today and through Monday will be a new experience for me as well. I have never been to Austin Texas and plan to have a great time with my wonderful blessing from God… Mike. We have been together 30 years this year and it only gets better.

We will make memories, shop til we drop.. Ha. Pray for me if you think about it..


One comment

  1. Angie – I hope you are having a wonderful trip and that each mile continues to bring freedom from anxiety. I’ve been there (battling anxiety) and it is awful. But it can get better, and I’m so glad you are experiencing that.

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