Love in Real Life

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I love my family and just recently Mike and I made a trip for a 3 day weekend out of town to visit Austin and San Antonio. We met up with some new friends there and had an awesome time of seeing “new” places for this once anxious, fearful and agoraphobic woman.

It was an awesome time of making memories with Mike and enjoying our time together. We shopped a ton, ate a lot of food and saw lots of new places such as the Alamo, the State Capitol of Texas as well as the Riverwalk in  San Antonio.

We went on a trip last year for the first time in about 10 years, but I did not enjoy myself as much as I did this time. I hated to leave the Austin/San Antonio area. 

I am blessed beyond measure by the goodness of God and the freedom He has given me after struggling for over 40 years with anxiety, fear and panic attacks.

God is a good God.

Here is my week in photos:

Love in Real Life


Angie and Mike in San Antonio 2013


Angie at the Alamo in San Antonio Texas 2013

My great-nieces, Abby and Anayiah 2013

family 2013

Chance, Angie and Mike March 2013. I love these guys. They make my life worth living. Such supportive, loving guys.

One of my beautiful Sunflowers




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