Live the Dream



Linking up with Simply Beth for Three Word Wednesday


God allows us to find hope and healing in the smallest ways at times, but often it is in the deepest healing that freedom is ultimately found.

Such is my story.

As a child, I had many dreams.

Dreams of:

being a wife and a mom

being a lawyer or President of the United States

being able to travel and see the world

But over the years I gave up on most of my dreams.

Life overwhelmed me and I shut myself off from the world but more importantly, I shut myself off from allowing God to do wonderful, amazing things in my own life and heart.

Anxiety and fear controlled every waking moment on most days. Certainly, there was no traveling the world or becoming a lawyer. How would I ever achieve any of those dreams when I could barely leave my own home?

Such was my life.

But then God did an amazing thing in my own heart through the Word as well as others that He allowed to minister to me and my struggles. My life began to change and the doors of freedom opened a little more each day.

I still have times where I feel anxious, but the difference from today and a year ago;

I DON”T GIVE UP and I KEEP MOVING instead of quitting. Before, I would give up and just go home if I felt anxious, but I have decided that I will no longer let that “little enemy” of mine hold me back. I WILL ALWAYS WIN..

and I will always be living the dream.



  1. What a blessing to find victory through Christ! Anxiety can be a stressful thing, but the joy of having God place people in our lives who help us through our struggles is wonderful! So glad that you are seeing a difference and are living the dream!

    Blessings, Joan

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