God’s Beautiful Plan

God's Beautiful Plan

Photo Courtesy of P.J. Di Bendetto
Text Added by Angie Webb

Our Christian faith is under fire today in this nation.

Our nation cannot find a common ground that will protect the citizens of America. We are living in a nation where the government is playing games, trying to control others and demanding their way. Childish games that are causing the American people to lose money, services and necessary help because of the child like actions of our national leaders.

Even in this trying time, we have to remember that our God is always in control, even when others are constantly wanting to strip away our God given rights as believers, we can stand strong in our convictions knowing that God has a beautiful plan even when we don’t understand.

Trust Believe Stand

My own personal life has had many tragedies, struggles, hurt, loss as well as everyday life challenges, but I look back and can now say that much of what I have faced in this life has been for my benefit even when I could not see the plan.

I would never wish the suicides/murder/abuse/loss/anxiety/fear/agoraphobia on my worst enemy, but when God allowed those struggles and pain to enter into my life, He must have had a plan for it all.

I recently told my friend, P.J. that if the only reason I went through such pain and struggle was to help one other person, then it has all been worth it.

On this side of heaven I may never understand the true PLAN, but when I reach the end of my life I hope to be able to say ” EVEN WHEN I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND, I STILL BELIEVED AND TRUSTED. ”

How about you?

Can you trust even when you don’t understand?
Can you see the positives even in the midst of the negatives?
Can you look at your past and see the redemptive work God has done in your life even in the midst of a mess?
Can you see God’s Beautiful Plan?

Today, I want to offer you hope. We may not understand the path our nation is currently on, but God is still in control. Our nation was founded on the Word of God and God still has the ultimate say in the final chapter. We have to continue to pray and seek God’s face and ask for our nation to be humbled.

We may face more heartache and pain before all is revealed, but we must STAND. God has the final say and He is in control of the plan.

Praying for you today. Be blessed and know that you are loved by a God who knows you by name.



  1. Dear Angie,

    Thanks so much for your honesty and openness. I, too, have struggled watching this nation fall away from its Godly founding principles. In my own life, I’ve also struggled with depression. But I trust, like you, that God is in control, and that what was meant for our harm, God intends for good (Gen. 50:20).

    How nice to find your site today via “Three Word Wednesday” at Simply Beth. I’ve started reading your story and, oh my goodness, what a testimony you have to share! May God bless you in this phase of your journey…

    I’m writing a series this month on the topic “Where Depression Meets Grace” (part of the “31 Days” writing challenge hosted by The Nester). Your title today reminded me of a particular piece — a poem I wrote called “colorblind” — and I thought you might enjoy it in light of your post: http://inthehandsofthehealer.blogspot.com/2013/10/day-10-colorblind.html

    With warm thoughts and prayers,
    ~Healed By His Wounds

  2. Trusting in Him. Such beautiful encouragement as always Angie. I’m glad you are joining us for Three Word Wednesday. It makes me happy to see you at my place every week. :)))) Love you.

  3. Loved your post so I read the personal story that inspired it. I’m always amazed at the faith that comes from tragedy. Blessings to you today! Visiting from 3 Word Wednesdays!

  4. Such confidence is a gift, and God has surely blessed you. One of our church’s wall sayings says something like, “When you can’t see God’s hand, Trust His heart.” Something like that. trust- no matter what. So glad to read this, thank you!

  5. It really is true, Angie, that even our worst trials work out for our good. Even when we can’t see God’s beautiful plan, we can trust that He’s already working way ahead of us, turning what seems like ashes into something beautiful – something that will last forever!

    This is a really positive post…. excellent “three words” 🙂

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