God’s Beauty Surrounds Me

Life can get so hectic and busy that I can forget to enjoy this life that God has given me.

I seem to struggle with OCD on some levels; especially when it comes to my house being clean and tidy. I can become obsessed with trying to make everything look “perfect” yet there is no perfection in this life.

My husband has to remind me often, ” We have to live here Angie.”

I forget that this home and my precious family are the ministries that God has given me to take care of today. I am to walk with a sense of loving those HE has blessed me with in this life, all the while remembering that life is fleeting and I am not promised tomorrow with any of the ones I love.

I need to be reminded that life is about NOW; not tomorrow. I struggle with taking time to remember the precious gifts I have been given in this life such as:

My husband of 30 years, Mike

My children and grandchildren

My dogs; especially my Penny and Roscoe (my buddies)

The books I have to read for enjoyment or to obtain knowledge about a particular subject.

The crafts I have the freedom and supplies to make

The friendships I am lucky enough to have: C. F and R. C and B. H and J.H. and P. B and B. S. and many others that I have made through Facebook and my website.

247617_651245948226102_929793346_nPhoto Credit: P. J. Di Benedetto

I am thankful that God allows us to see the beauty in the small things, all the while allowing the huge parts of life to change me and to make me a better person, wife, mother and Christian.

Life impact us both in the small as well as the big.

Whether it is a small flower, a child smiling or a hug from someone who loves you;

God’s Beauty Surrounds Me



Thankful for my family and God’s blessings; big and small



  1. That is beautiful Angie. We do take so much for granted. Often we need to stop and thank the Lord for all He has done for us.

  2. I, too, have difficulty sometimes living in the present and enjoying life. I read this the other day in Jesus Calling: “Anxiety is a result of envisioning the future without Me.” It really helped me come back to the present.

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