The Wall Around Your Heart by Mary DeMuth

I have been part of the pre-launch team for Mary DeMuth’s new book, The Wall Around Your Heart.

With my new job and my other job’s at home, I have been falling behind in catching up with the launch team.

I have been a huge fan of Mary’s for many years, mainly because I can relate to much of her story in relation to my own life. Yet, Mary has faced so much more than I have on many levels, but still our hearts have both been broken in similar situations.

Mary’s new book offers help and healing in the form of praying the Lord’s Prayer as a way to understand relationships and often, the pain that relationships can cause us.

Mary has faced situations that have caused her to often shut herself off from the world, which often only deepened the wound because fellowship, community and the love of others is what we need to overcome pain in relationships.

And He wants to invite us to community, so others can be His hands and feet when we can’t feel or walk.”

Mary DeMuth, Page 2

Mary says We tend to wall off our hearts in the aftermath of pain.”

So true.

I tend to withdraw and keep to myself. I certainly don’t want to discuss the problem with the person who I am upset with or who is upset with me, but that is why the problems continue.

Mary offers great advice through the book because she continually guides us back to praying the Lord’s Prayer in times of relationship pain and struggle.

I am not good with relationships at times. My family of origin did not mimic the correct tools to have relationships last and to face issues head on, so normally I fall back into my old ways of withdrawing. Yet, Mary offers me hope in learning how to handle relationships in a different way, which will allow my heart to be more open to love and be loved.

After years of family dysfunction due to multiple suicides of family members as well as the murder of my grandmother, my heart is once again hopeful that the relationships can be mended.

Mary gives me hope.

I want to leave the heartache of pain inflicted by others behind.

What if the things we left behind are the bits and scraps of heartache others have inflicted? What would it look like if you truly let go of those words and actions that severed you?  Page 69

If you are looking for a great book that will offer you hope from the Word of God, then check out the new book by Mary DeMuth called, The Wall Around Your Heart.

The Lord’s Prayer is the foundation.



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