Together: Five Minute Friday


Together we share

Together we laugh

Together we love

Together we grieve

Together we stand

Together we believe

Together we pray

Today I am standing in awe.

Because in exactly two weeks my husband and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. It awes me because we were only 16 and 18 years old when we married and then 17 and 18 when we had our son, Wade.

Crazy, isn’t it?
Family and friends told us we wouldn’t even make it one year, so I guess we showed them. Ha.

Laughing as I go.

Life has been a struggle at times but there has been much joy as well. Life can deal us a hard hand at times, but I am thankful that I have been able to walk this life with my husband, Mike. We have been through births, deaths, tragedies, travel, new jobs, moves, crisis with our children, death of parents. On and On.

Yet, we have stood the test of time and stood along side of each other walking TOGETHER.


Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker.



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