Loving and Changing

mike and angie3Love Changes, yet often stays the same. God calls us to love deeply, but to also to continue to grow. We cannot become stagnant in our lives; whether in marriage, raising our children or being a great employee.

We must step out and seek the best God has for us.

Life is to be lived to the fullest.

After 30 years of marriage, I am still learning more and more about our lives together and about Mike.

But more importantly, I am learning about myself.

From an 18-year-old wife, mom and daughter in law in one fell swoop, to a 48-year-old wife, mom, grandmother and daughter in law…

I have learned that God requires me to seek the best, even in the worst situations. My normal tendency is to look at the negatives instead of the positives, but that is something I was taught as a child. Tendency from genetics and environment to look at the negative.

Yet, God says to believe the best in all situations. Even when we think it is over, He can make it new.

He has done that for me in my relationships in many instances; especially in 2006 when we were on the verge of divorce.

Nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1: 37

I wanted a different marriage and a different life for myself as well as my family, yet often I failed.
Didn’t know any different, yet God has done a tremendous work in my life as well as my marriage.

How about you?

What did you learn from your growing up years that you carried over to your family and marriage?

What goals did you make for yourself in reference to your home life and relationships to have a different outcome?

I believe that God can change any willing person; whether a woman, man or child. God wants our hearts and also wants the best for us.

We will fall short at times, but that doesn’t mean we need to give up.

Keep the goal in your forefront.

Take steps each day to love more deeply, talk more sweetly and to forgive more easily.

Thankful today for the love of a good, Godly man, who has richly blessed me. He has believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, but more importantly he has loved me when I wasn’t loveable.

Love you, Mike



  1. So sweet to hear a successful love story, even though there were many bumps along the way! Luke 1:37 is such an encouraging verse!!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey there! I will come back later to read but I believe you linked up to last week’s post so come by and link up to today’s post so others are sure to stop by and visit you!!! Oh…THANK YOU for the pretty box with stationary. You are so kind my friend. I’m so grateful for you and our friendship!!! Love you.

  3. I am so thankful for my mother’s example. It took me longer than I wanted to get married but that was part of God’s plan for me. I am thankful in so many ways for that.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness for your hubby – it’s a good testimony to making things work.

    I’m with you on navigating 3 decades of marriage – it’s been a ride! Fortunately both my hubby and I had great examples in our parents’ marriages.

    I think one of many things I brought into our marriage was the comfort of being friends first. Robert and I are thankful and content to spend time together. We’ve grown together in 30 years, and created our own likes and dislikes as a couple. (that’s one benefit of being young when you first meet)

  5. Ah, yes, I can so relate, Angie! I brought many unhealthy patterns and dysfunctional thoughts into my marriage. My husband and I both have focused on learning to deeply and completely forgive. Now for the day to day extending of grace … that’s where we’re still trying but often failing. We’re works in progress, that’s for sure! And I think this may be your first time to link up at Messy Marriage’s Wedded Wed! So if that’s true, welcome aboard, new-found friend!

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