You Are Beautiful

God calls you beautiful.

Beauty is fleeting in the worlds standards, but in God’s eyes, you are beautiful. From the moment you were just a twinkle in your parents eyes, God has loved you.

He sees you perfectly beautiful, full of possibility and totally cherished.

God sees YOU.

The real you; not the YOU the world, friends or family has told you that YOU are or were.

God doesn’t see your past, nor does HE listen to the static words of what others have said to you or about you. No one else’s opinions matter to God, other than HIS own.

He understands that the words of the past often haunt you, but He doesn’t give your past any power because once we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives; our past is as far as the east is to the west.  (Gone forever)

HE is the designer of YOU and YOUR potential.

You are beautiful

You Are Beautiful

Photo Credit:

P. J. Di Benedetto

Text added by Angie Webb

Don’t doubt your worth.

Trust God knew best when He created you.

Love yourself and always want the best.

Don’t settle for less than the best.


Lord, I ask that you touch the reader today and help them to know their value in Your eyes. Help us to remember that You designed us perfectly beautiful. We are not mistakes nor are we the past we often tend to carry around behind us. We are set free to live our lives following in the call that You instilled in our hearts from the moment we were created. No person is lost in Your eyes. Each one hold value that is unmeasurable by the worlds standards; but we need to remember that our lives are to be lived by Your standard. Value. Purpose. Beautiful. Free. Happy. Making a difference.

Remember folks, WE WIN. The end of the story is already written and the enemy will not succeed in winning this battle. Stand strong and take the time to look in the mirror today to remind yourself: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Praying for each of you today.


Trusting in Him,


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My Daily Walk In His Grace

Simply Beth


  1. I love that God made us each uniquely! He knows us inside and out and loves us no matter what! And that is certainly something to celebrate!

    Blessings, Joan

  2. Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story” your lovely words of encouragement. Many of look in our mirror and question if we are beautiful, yet my husband tells me that I am !!
    God also tells me that I am love, beautiful, accepted, forgiven and pleasing in His sight. I love the positive scriptures that confirm these facts.

    I did a search today with these words: Who I am IN Christ Jesus and found a few excellent sites
    Joyce Meyer Ministry Freedom in Christ

  3. Dear Angie
    You words are filled with so much comfort and encouragement. Yes, when God looks at us He sees His beloved children filled with the life of our Lord Jesus. He never creates rubbish and restores that which the devil has destroyed through his lies.
    Blessings XX

  4. This is one of those reminders I need daily. It’s where Satan tries to win way too often…to convince me otherwise. Thank you for speaking words to my heart that I needed to hear.
    Love you, Angie!!!

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