It’s Okay


It’s Okay

It’s Okay that I have been struggling lately with my emotions

It’s Okay that my house needs cleaning; I just haven’t wanted to do it lately.

It’s Okay that I need to get my crafts done for the Christmas bazaar but I haven’t finished it all yet.

It’s Okay that I have been dealing with anger about my past family issues.

It’s Okay that I know God has a bigger plan but I haven’t quiet figured it all out yet.

It’s Okay that my dogs need a bath, my sheets need washing and my kitchen has dirty dishes.

It’s Okay that I don’t quiet understand why I am in a spiritual battle lately, but I know even if I don’t understand; God does and I will prevail with Him.

It’s Okay…

Just to be.

Just to rest.

Just to listen.

Just to focus on me right now.








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  1. Angie, I am right there with you, Friend! I am done beating myself up. I am going to take care of me. I rested today. It was what I needed. And there is no condemnation in Christ. Tonight, I can BREATHE, and just relax in Him! ♥ Amen! Love you! P.j.

  2. You must be spying on me. That’s exactly where I’ve been this week- without the dog. Thank you for putting it into words. God bless, Judy


  3. Thank you so much for linking up to It’s Okay this week! I loved reading your list ~ very simple, yet lovely 🙂 It IS okay to just be, to focus on yourself, to know that God has everything under control, even if it feels out of control to us. Thanks for reminding me about those things, too 🙂

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