Five Minute Friday: Fly

In Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday, other bloggers and writer write for Five Minutes about one word. A word which deeply spoke to me.

This week the prompt is the word FLY

Fly, sweet girl. You are free to fly and become all God created you to be. You have lived in the shadow of fear, anxiety and agoraphobia far too long. Why have you hidden your beautiful self? Why have you doubted all I have made you to be?

You are called to a new place and a beautiful purpose. Now it is time to find your wings and become all I have called you to be. Move forward and live a life full of wonder, happiness and purpose. Nothing in the past can hold you any longer. The past has been a learning process that has made you who you are today. The past will help you on the next path I have called you to walk. The past is part of you but it is not YOU. You can now move on.

You have lived a life that has been full of pain, fear, anxiety and many tragedies, but yet you have survived to live a new life on this next journey we are going to take together.

I am excited and now it is time to FLY.

Live big

Dream big

Find your purpose

birds flying

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  1. Dear Angie
    It is good to visit the past just for a short moment to remember the lessons we have learned, but never to stay there for long. Neither should we dwell in the future of uncertainty. The past and the future have a way of stealing our present which is all we have to enjoy!
    Blessings XX

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