52 Praise and Thanks

I am sharing today 10 of the 52 Praise and Thanks for this past year. Each year, our God gives us 52 weeks in the year and often we get so caught up in the daily grind which causes us to forget his new mercies.

I want to take the time to remember the praises and thanks that I have for the last year.. There are more than 52, but I am going to narrow down the list..

In the weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year, I will share more of my list. I hope you will take the time to remember all of the blessings and gifts God gives you each day. His mercies are new every morning.

mike    1. My love for the last 30 years, Mike 

A wonderful husband, father and provider. We have been married since he was 16 years old and I was 18 years old. No one thought we would make it but here we are, 30 years later.

2. Our son, Chancechance2

3. Thankful, for the God who set me free and allowed me to have eternal life in the Heavens with Him.

Penny4. My best girl, Penny. Isn’t she cute? She is 7 months old and so smart.

5. A Godly Grandmother, Inetha. She was murdered in 1996 by my step-grandfather who took his life as well. Such a tragic end to a wonderful life. She led me to the Lord in 1976 at Fairview Baptist Church.


6. Extended family which includes nieces, nephews and cousins. Too many to name. These are my great-nieces.


7. Old and new friends. Here are some of our friends when we took a trip to San Antonio and Austin together.


8. That I am REDEEMED by the blood of the Lamb. Set FREE forever


9. I am most thankful for the life I have. I once was a fearful, anxious, agoraphobic woman who now lives a life free from fear and anxiety. God has done a tremendous work in my life and I am excited to see the next step in HIS plan for me. One goal I have is to complete the book I am writing about my journey. Working title is ” When Your House becomes a Prison; a life of an agorphobic”cropped-free4.jpg

10. Thankful for a job which provides food, a home and clothes to wear. God has always taken care of me and my family.

I will share 10 more in the next few weeks before Christmas. Always remember that you are loved by the Lord with such a deep, everlasting love. Nothing can seperate you from HIM and HIS love.


  1. Dear Angie
    I am thankful for my husband, two sons (the one is finishing his Masters degree in Architecture this week; the other one still studying mechanical engineering), my great family, my friends, etc.
    But, I am also very thankful for my disabling disease Fm/CFS. I am grateful for medication, my wonderful doctor who also prays for me. The greatest gift I received was that before my illness, I knew a lot about God; but now I know Him!
    Blessings XX

  2. Hello, Angie! What a great start for your gratitude list!! Already, it’s evident how God has certainly blessed you! I also have a son and will soon be celebrating my 27th anniversary with my hubby. Do you know what breed your puppy is? Growing up, we had a Terri-Poo (Terrier poodle mix) that looked just like your Penny! Have a blessed week!

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