Sometimes I feel like I am barely holding on. Life has been very difficult for me and my family the last month.

Our family has had several illnesses as well as Thanksgiving somewhere in between. Life has been a challenge because no one has felt well, yet life continues to move forward even when we beg for it to stop.

I really just need a break from life. I haven’t felt well, plus I have been very tired and not sleeping well, then on top of that I just feel very alone.

Lost and lonely.

Tired and stressed.

Hurt and down.

Life just has not been easy for me. I try to be encouraging on this blog, but often I just need an encouraging word myself. Someone to walk beside me, holding my hand in the times of pain.

This past week we lost my mother-in-law after her battle for the last 3 1/2 years. She is no longer in pain, yet the struggle has just begun for some in the family. I have been married to her son for 30 years, but even in that situation, it is still not easy for anyone to lose a loved one; especially at Christmas time.

I am just feeling overwhelmed. The holidays have not been working out as I had hoped. Many of my plans have fallen through or I have just ran out of time. I wanted to make some candy but the weather and time did not permit it to happen. I think this is the first year in 30 years of marriage that I have not made holiday candy for my family and friends.

I haven’t had time to do many things I had wanted to do; but then there is always next year.

If you think about it, would you please pray for me?

I am really struggling right now with many issues. I just need a break, so for the next week I will not be online much. Please do not forget me or my blog.

After January 10th, I will have a brand new website design, which I am excited to make “live” soon. Please check back.

Hugs to each of my readers.

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  1. Hang in there, Angie. Prayers for you. Try not to put extra demands on yourself right now – You’re right when you say there is “next year.” This is a tough time of the year but spring always comes.

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