Restless for More

My heart is restless for more

More freedom

More dreams

More hope

More love


What are you restless for?

I love this quote

restless quote

Our hearts will always be restless until we rest in HIM.

Our lives are in unrest because we live in a fallen world, full of pain, heartache and tragedy, yet God has more.

When we rest in Him and His love, our restless heart and soul will be a peace.

The world can abound in unrest, but our lives will be at peace.

Over the last year and half, I have found myself more at peace and less restless than I have in many years.

Yet, that doesn’t stop the natural tendency to want to have more of this life God has given us to live.

And I plan to live big..

Full of love, freedom, hope and dreams.



If the son sets you free, you are truly free. John 8:32

freedom quote

More of HIM so I am less RESTLESS.

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  1. So often people go searching for something or someone to fill the void they feel only to end up feeling emptier than before. But, that yearning we have inside of us is a desire for God, placed there by He Himself! Once we search for Him, we will find Him and that “God-shaped hole” inside us will begin to be filled! What a blessing to know Him!

    1. So true, Joan. I know without Jesus living inside of me and my heart, I would be lost. After so much pain and tragedy in my family, sometimes all I have had to hold onto was Jesus. Thanks for commenting. My blog site was updated so now I can reply easier.

  2. I’m restless nearly every day… whether inside or outside. Mostly, b/c I recognize that our world is in vast and fast sinfulness. Want to help change the world, and daily plant the seed of God. Anyhow, much of a good thoughtfulness that was planted in us. AND even when restless in my heart, I’m not running out and about. Just waiting for the Lord to send me, use me. And, as I said, this was a good thinking process you shared with all of us.

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