Love Is Safe

Love is Safe

Do you agree with that statement?

I know personally that for years I truly believed that love was painful, hurtful and full of anger, yet over the last 30 years of being married to Mike, I have learned a different definition of love.

Oh, of course our story has not been perfect or free from hurt or pain, but I know the definition I have learned from being with Mike, is totally different from the “LOVE” my parents, siblings and other extended family has shown me.

Their love was exhibited in anger, abuse, neglect and damage to others I love or have loved.

This is not LOVE.. This is Hate and not anything I want to be a part of.

The love I have learned in the last 30 years will never make up for the lack of love and acceptance I didn’t receive in my childhood or teenage years, but a life well lived is often the best revenge.

I will not lose any more of my life to people that only wish to hurt me.

What are your views on this? Do you agree or are you a person that feels we are to stay connected to family no matter what they do or say?

I believe my life is so much better than theirs that they just cannot handle the reality of it.

I am not boasting.. I am just stating a fact.

They do not want me healed, happy or whole, yet God has called me out the past fear, anxiety, and agoraphobia just for that reason. I truly believe if God and I had not a “meet to” I would not be in the place I am in at this time. I probably would be dead due to the mental anguish I was constantly in because of the fear and anxiety.

God did a huge work in the life of a sinner when He healed me from the past abuse, neglect and fear, but when He told me ” You cannot go back”, I knew that I had to have boundaries.

Love is Safe.

Not perfect; Just safe.

Today, I want to offer you hope. Nothing you have faced in the past or even today is ever wasted, but I also know that God does not want me or you to keep going back to the “waste”, but to move forward to the place God has called us to be today. The past is over and all we have is today. You and I are both more than conquerors with Christ in our corner. I keep pushing forward and seeking the will of God. The enemy keeps trying but I keep fighting. How about you? Are you going to give up or keep fighting? Our God is bigger than anything the enemy can throw at us. Don’t forget that.. Fight and Win…

It’s Okay


It’s Okay

It’s Okay that I have been struggling lately with my emotions

It’s Okay that my house needs cleaning; I just haven’t wanted to do it lately.

It’s Okay that I need to get my crafts done for the Christmas bazaar but I haven’t finished it all yet.

It’s Okay that I have been dealing with anger about my past family issues.

It’s Okay that I know God has a bigger plan but I haven’t quiet figured it all out yet.

It’s Okay that my dogs need a bath, my sheets need washing and my kitchen has dirty dishes.

It’s Okay that I don’t quiet understand why I am in a spiritual battle lately, but I know even if I don’t understand; God does and I will prevail with Him.

It’s Okay…

Just to be.

Just to rest.

Just to listen.

Just to focus on me right now.








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To Know Me

To know me, you would have to know me on many different levels.

For years I hid behind a wall that was so tall no one could get close. I hid behind a mask as well, pretending that all was well while on many levels, my life was a chaotic mess.

What do you look like behind the walls and masks?

Do you like yourself?

Do you enjoy being alone with yourself or do you always need others around?

Do you feel happy with your life or are you just pretending everything is okay?

Do you believe you are living a life full of purpose or just going through the motions?

I could say for many years; probably most of my life I could say I didn’t like myself, didn’t want to be alone and certainly was only going through the motions.

Life had dealt me a hand of many trials, tragedies and pain that I seemed to be unable to overcome.

Pain so deep that I often just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.


Pain so deep that no one could understand.

Loss so painful…

Too much to handle, yet my life continued on no matter how desperately I often wished it would end.

Can you relate at all?

Life can be tough just in everyday life. But my life has been anything but normal.

Tragedy has followed my family in so many ways. Too painful to even describe on many levels because the reality is just so disturbing. Disturbing  images of loss of loved ones to suicides and murder are just too damaging to even describe, yet that is what I have had to live with in my own mind for over 20 years.

Yet, God has allowed me to overcome much of my painful past. He has done a tremendous work in my heart and mind over the last two years.  Freedom is possible.

I will never allow the enemy to speak to me of the past and try to control my present. The past will never be forgotten but the past is over. Today is all I am guaranteed. Tomorrow is not promised and the past cannot be changed, so why continue to live there.

Would you mind if I prayed for you?

Lord, I come to you asking you to allow freedom to come to the reader. Help them to find peace and freedom through Your Word and  to feel Your love in the situations they are facing. Help us to allow the walls and masks to be laid aside while we seek to find our true selves. Life can be a battle but the battle is ultimately won by Your Word and by the power of the blood. Evil has no power in our lives. Help us to know ourselves and to believe in ourselves. We deserve the best and often the best is misplaced in the battles of life but YOU have overcome the world by sending YOUR son Jesus Christ to live in our hearts. We believe and want the best, which also means we want to KNOW YOU and KNOW OURSELVES. Thank YOU, Lord for all YOU have done in my own life and for the continued peace. God, grant it to everyone reading this today.

Scars Are Beautiful

Scars make us or break us.

Scars can change our outward appearance or change the deep recesses of our inner being, but regardless of the place the scars take place, God can and will provide healing if we reach out to HIM.

Scars have made me who I am today on many levels.

Scars from the pain of my childhood as well the wonderful benefits my childhood held. My childhood was not all bad or damaging, but sometimes the pain overrode the good.

Scars from life…

Scars from tragedies that have followed my family. ( Multiple suicides and the murder of my grandmother)

Scars from anxiety, overwhelming fear and eventual agoraphobia.

Can you relate?

I also have scars on my body from surgeries, accidents and just dumb mistakes that have changed my outward appearance.  Still, I  have to remember  even though I am not perfect physically, God still calls me beautiful. He doesn’t see the scars as negatives, but HE sees them as a positive because He knows those experiences taught me lessons I could not have learned any other way.



Scars make us into the people we are today; whether we want them to or not. Life can be tough and often we get beat up in the process of learning lessons and fighting the battles we must face.

Battles of everyday life but also the battles to overcome the damage others have inflicted upon us.

Yet, God never leaves us in the state of damage if seek HIM and HIS will for our lives.

We can and will overcome. Nothing is impossible with God.

For with God nothing will be impossible. Luke 1:37

Today, I want to offer you hope. God can use whatever path you have walked in this life; whether easy or tough. He wants to use your story to help someone else facing the same thing in their own life. If you keep quiet, who benefits from the losses you have faced?

The enemy. The old devil. The evil one. Whatever you want to call him. He wins when we keep quiet.

He is so happy when we keep quiet. He sits back and watches us while we continue to be ashamed, discouraged and stuck in our past.

Stand up today and face the past scars, all the while remembering that God can and will use your story.

I will not allow the enemy to steal anymore of my life. I lived a life full of fear, anxiety and agoraphobia for over 30 years. My life has been a small fragment of what I know God intended for it to be, so from this day forward:


Lord, I ask for you to reach down today and help those struggling with issues from their past or pain inflicted from someone else. Those scars are so deep into our souls at times we often don’t even know who we are anymore. We only see ourselves through the lens of our scars, yet YOU designed us to live beyond the pain of this life. You want us to live abundant, joyful lives according to your Word. John 10:10 ( I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.) God has promised in HIS Word that HE can do more than we can think or imagine. Nothing is beyond HIS control or repair..  Ephesians 3: 20 (God can do anything, you know – far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.) MSG translation

Life is tough but as God’s children; we are tougher. I want to give you hope today that you can overcome whatever trials, fears, struggles, hurt or pain you are facing. God has done it for me in my own life and I know if HE can do it for me, then HE can do it for you as well.

Sending love and prayers your way today.




His Story by P. J. Di Benedetto


Guest Post

By: P.J. Di Benedetto


Three years ago, in 2010, I was standing on my 2nd floor balcony porch, staring off into the distant trees, totally peaceful, with my mind a million miles away. (Picture yourself there.) My sweet husband innocently came up behind me, and lovingly wrapped his arms around me….upon which I almost JUMPED OUT OF MY SKIN IN SHOCK AND FEAR, terrified, electrified, as if a bolt of lightning had just struck me! He so startled me, that I was shaking uncontrollably, and then, suddenly I just burst into tears! I want you to know right now that my husband didn’t MEAN to scare me…in fact, he is a wonderful, Godly man who wouldn’t hurt anybody, intentionally. As I stood there having a complete meltdown, he pulled me into his arms and held me close, saying, “I’m SO sorry, Sweetie! I didn’t mean to frighten you, Honey!”, and many other comforting words that soothed me. (My husband is a gift from God, especially chosen for me! He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me!) So, when I finally calmed down, my husband gently, TENDERLY talked to me about maybe going to see a Christian counselor who specifically deals with victims of rape. It was obvious to him I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I am a survivor of a rape by a serial killer, which occured when I was 14 years old, but that I’d never dealt with. I didn’t tell ANYONE when it happened, and actually went to school the next day as if nothing HAD happened. It was how my brain survived the trauma, because that rape COMPLETELY blew my mind! (Fast-forward for just one second: I DID tell my mother, in 1983, when my rapist was caught by the police for rape and murder, TEN years after he raped me.) Then, after telling my mom, for the next 20 years of my life, after my rapist was in prison, convicted in the deaths of 2 of the 6 murdered girls the police came to find out about, I never talked about it again. I never sought help, or counseling, and I simply did what was expected of me in life, trying to pretend everything was normal. This was all totally sub-conscious. I had no idea I was doing that! I like to say that I wore a mask…my, “I’m fine!” mask.

And now, standing there on my porch, 38 years after the rape, I had just simply fallen apart. I was like a puddle of water on the ground, my mask floating there on the surface, leaving me feeling naked. (Looking back, I think that was God’s perfect timing.) After agreeing with my husband that I would seek someone for Godly counsel, FROM THAT MINUTE ON, everything in life as I knew it before began to change. Just making the appointment was like a breakthrough! I was not going to keep quiet anymore! No more stuffing this down…I was coming out of hiding, I was breaking my silence, I would be bringing everything into the LIGHT. I was very afraid of what would come out of me during this counseling, scared of how much I would have to dredge up about my past, but I’d had enough of the “LIVING WITH FEAR” even MORE THAN the fear of re-living the past with a counselor.

Right now, it’s been three years since then, when I went to that counselor. It really helped me…HEALED me by pointing me to God, and after some very intense months of hard work, I graduated! I felt so healed by Jesus’ loving-kindness to me! I was even able to forgive my rapist. I wrote him a letter telling him how he could also know this wonderful Jesus of mine! (Forgiveness is not a natural thing for one to do…it is SUPERNATURAL.) My pastors’ wife had given me some scriptures on an awakening, and of chains falling off. and that was exactly the way I felt! Free!!! I turned it into a sketch, that will one day become a painting. Then, the Women’s Ministry at my church was having a conference/workshop, and asked me if I would be one of the speakers and workshop leaders. I agreed, and afterwards, many women came to me with stories of their own. It was, again, another very healing experience.

God was using this story, my story, to touch other women’s lives. I shared with them many scriptures and promises from the Bible that I had learned! Now, God was taking something bad that happened to me, and replacing it with something GOOD, for His glory! My “history” became “HIS-story!”. Because, during my healing, Jesus did such a miraculous thing, that, now, when “RAPE!” roared it’s ugly head in my brain, Jesus Himself reminded me of what HE did during my counseling, and everything He taught me! The lies I had believed had been removed from me! And, once they were gone, Jesus clothed me with Himself! I told this group of ladies this: Instead of viewing my life from the perspective of being a rape victim, I now was making Jesus my “point of reference”. I learned that, “I have been crucified with Christ, yet I myself no longer live, but Christ lives in me; And this life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the One who loved me and gave Himself up for me.” (Galatians 2:20)

Jesus was living IN me, THROUGH me, AS me! Then, right after having these wonderful things happen to me, a story came out in the newspaper about my rapist, and his cousin, who were partners in the crimes of raping and killing girls. They were dubbed, “The Killing Cousins”, and it was one of the worst things to ever happen in our small town.The main story was about how the one who got the death sentence should have been executed already! He’d been on death row for 27 years! Their final victims’ family, (their 17-year old daughter was raped and killed in 1983), was angry about it that “justice had not been served” yet. (Her killer was put to death 2 years later, in 2012. The other cousin, my own rapist, had been given 2 life sentences.) The story told of how the mom would put a memorial in the obituaries each year, and how, once her daughter’s killer had been put to death, she would write a new, healing, celebratory memorial instead! I was so moved by the column, that I wrote a private letter to the columnist, telling him how well I remember the day these two had been caught, and how I finally told my mother I had been raped by one of these men.

He asked me if I would do an interview with him about what happened to me. I prayed, and I prayed, and I prayed! God revealed to me, over and over again, that I SHOULD do it, even if only to help ONE person who was suffering. (But, He assured me, there would be HUNDREDS of healings, after all was said and done!) So, I did 2 interviews, during one of which I got to meet the final victims’ mother, and tell her how very sorry I was that her daughter had died, I got a chance to talk to her about the guilt I had felt all those years, thinking that if I’d only TOLD SOMEONE, maybe her daughter and others would still be alive…(though, at the age of 14, I did not have the tools to speak about it to anyone.)

On the 2nd interview, we drove to my old neighborhood, and I showed him where I grew up, and where my rapist lived…right across the street. The only way I got through those interviews was with Jesus holding my hand! I’m serious! He even SPOKE through me! I was shaking like a leaf throughout! Eventually, my story would be published on November 28, 2010 on the front page, along with 4 or 5 other stories, each with different angles, about these “Killing Cousins”, who roamed through our little town, and other towns close by, searching for victims, FOR THE PURE SPORT OF IT! (Yes! They did it for the FUN of it! Did I mention that the entire time I was being raped, my rapist laughed his head off crazily, non-stop, like some hysterical maniac? He actually ENJOYED robbing me of my innocence! Because, while I was DYING inside, it was visibly exciting to him watching it happen!) My story being published in the paper did help many people, though! My counselor told me of one person, a 70-year old man who had been sexually abused in childhood by his own father, came in saying, “If she can find freedom and forgiveness, so can I!”. Other people called me, and sent me cards in the mail. One letter began, “There are no words to say what we feel in our hearts for you except you have got to be one of the most courageous, strongest, and bravest girls we know.” I don’t always FEEL courageous, or strong, or brave….but the Jesus that lives in me IS!

After my story came out, I kind of went backwards for a time, because I feared retaliation. His family still lives in my same town. I started having Post Traumatic Stress, again, and also began having a fear of leaving my house. I became agoraphobic. On the heels of agoraphobia, I began to experience deep depression. Things that I once enjoyed, I stopped doing. Probably because, also during that period, still in the year 2010, I suffered great loss in other areas of my life. Three separate people who I loved very much died. My oldest son, (23 years old), went to jail for a year. (Can you just imagine how hard it was for me to go to the jail and visit him twice a week, being agoraphobic! Back ON went my masks!) I was suffering 2 very debilitating health issues. I had to end a long friendship with my best girlfriend. Then my husband moved us from the church where he and I were both thriving, because our teens needed a good Youth Group, which was non-existent in the church we were attending at that time. Keep in mind that the church was one of the few times I could leave my house, and be with other Christians. The ladies there were a big support to me. When we left, I pulled away from everyone. We wandered from then until now, 2013. All of these events made me seek God’s face like never before in my life! It was like I was actually STALKING Jesus! I sought His direction for every single thing! And, slowly, I started trusting again. I was invited to speak at a huge church, 4 hours away from my home, and my sister went with me, and GOD DID IT! Yes! God used my story for MORE people to get healed and to be free! Praise God! That was a very positive, healing thing for me…seeing God touch people using my voice, not to mention getting me to leave my home and travel 4 hours away, and spend the night in a strange city! It was empowering!

Last month, my husband and I decided to return to the church where we began, because they replaced some of the staff, and they are presently looking for a new youth minister. We were welcomed back warmly there! And it’s a great thing, because with no warning at all, the newspaper had a story about my rapist again, saying 3 members of his family were trying to get him exonerated.That story was on a Wednesday, and on Sunday they re-told my own story. Nobody asked me, and they printed it without giving me any heads-up whatsoever!!! And, I felt traumatized all over again! What a setback that was! I was so angry! My scab had been ripped open, AGAIN! It triggered all of my weaknesses….the PTSD, agoraphobia, and depression all over again! I’ve had to seek God with my whole heart, soul, mind, body, and spirit! I have to be very careful where I allow my mind to go, and also who I allow into my life! I have had to do whatever it takes to put into practice all I’ve been learning over these few years…like realizing that when I am weak, God is strong! When I think a negative thought, I make myself say three POSITIVES. I count my blessings, one by one. I have to, like David in the Bible, “encourage MYSELF in the Lord”, because other people are not always available. I will read my Bible or a devotion, I’ll listen to uplifting music, (and sing along!), journal, pray, listen to a sermon, call a friend, force myself to do a favorite hobby…whatever it takes! I just need to redirect my mind to what I know is the truth! I quote scripture right out loud! This is what it sounds like: “Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is right, true, noble, if anything be excellent or praiseworthy, think on these things! I am NOT ever alone! Jesus will NOT forsake me! Jesus is my Rock and my Salvation! All things are possible with Him, who strengthens me! He who is in me is bigger than he who is in the world! If God is FOR me, who can be against me? For God knows the plans He has for me, and they are not plans to harm me, but to prosper me, and give me a hope and a future!”. That is how I survive, and I am grateful for all things that can and DO bring me closer to God! Knowing HIM is my GOAL in life! I am living my life for a reason, and that reason is Christ!

I started taking photographs with the new camera my husband bought for me, and it has gotten me to take baby steps away from the house. I still panic when it’s time to get in my car and drive to pick up my kids from school, but popping in a praise and worship CD has been working for me! It gets me there to the school,singing all the way, and my kids talk to me all the way home! And, now, Angie Kay Webb has asked me to write this guest blog. I guess that most recent setback/attack from the enemy must mean Satan is really worried about how Jesus will use THIS blogged story for His glory, too! I pray that is the case, and that the Lord Himself LED YOU HERE to read this today, to help you on your journey to wellness.

For the record, I’m just an ordinary person who has an extraordinary God! I have a long way to go, (I know that), and I have a TON of more things to still learn, yet, “…I am confident of this one thing, He who began a good work in ME will see it to completion, until the day of Christ Jesus!” (Adapted from~ Philippians 1:6) . I trust Him, the Author and Finisher of my faith! Will you? God only wants the very best for us, His children. You CAN put your faith in Him! He is trust-WORTHY! Follow Him, with all you have inside of you, and you will find healing, too! It might seem like a lot of work, but it’s a process, a journey, a walk with the Lord, and SO worth it in the end! What a friend we have in Jesus! Just imagine…He’s the King who wants to be OUR FRIEND! I keep running toward the prize! I pray one day I will hear those words, “Well done, My good and faithful servant!”. Amen!

P.j. Di Benedetto is a married woman, with 7 children, and 12 grandchildren. She is an accomplished artist, whose work includes a 50-foot mural at her local Salvation Army in Vero Beach, Fl. P.J. enjoys gardening, sewing, writing poetry, playing musical instruments, photography, and Bible study; her favorite scriptures are Galatians 2:20, and Philippians 4:6-7.

God’s Beauty Surrounds Me

Life can get so hectic and busy that I can forget to enjoy this life that God has given me.

I seem to struggle with OCD on some levels; especially when it comes to my house being clean and tidy. I can become obsessed with trying to make everything look “perfect” yet there is no perfection in this life.

My husband has to remind me often, ” We have to live here Angie.”

I forget that this home and my precious family are the ministries that God has given me to take care of today. I am to walk with a sense of loving those HE has blessed me with in this life, all the while remembering that life is fleeting and I am not promised tomorrow with any of the ones I love.

I need to be reminded that life is about NOW; not tomorrow. I struggle with taking time to remember the precious gifts I have been given in this life such as:

My husband of 30 years, Mike

My children and grandchildren

My dogs; especially my Penny and Roscoe (my buddies)

The books I have to read for enjoyment or to obtain knowledge about a particular subject.

The crafts I have the freedom and supplies to make

The friendships I am lucky enough to have: C. F and R. C and B. H and J.H. and P. B and B. S. and many others that I have made through Facebook and my website.

247617_651245948226102_929793346_nPhoto Credit: P. J. Di Benedetto

I am thankful that God allows us to see the beauty in the small things, all the while allowing the huge parts of life to change me and to make me a better person, wife, mother and Christian.

Life impact us both in the small as well as the big.

Whether it is a small flower, a child smiling or a hug from someone who loves you;

God’s Beauty Surrounds Me



Thankful for my family and God’s blessings; big and small

God’s Beautiful Plan

God's Beautiful Plan

Photo Courtesy of P.J. Di Bendetto
Text Added by Angie Webb

Our Christian faith is under fire today in this nation.

Our nation cannot find a common ground that will protect the citizens of America. We are living in a nation where the government is playing games, trying to control others and demanding their way. Childish games that are causing the American people to lose money, services and necessary help because of the child like actions of our national leaders.

Even in this trying time, we have to remember that our God is always in control, even when others are constantly wanting to strip away our God given rights as believers, we can stand strong in our convictions knowing that God has a beautiful plan even when we don’t understand.

Trust Believe Stand

My own personal life has had many tragedies, struggles, hurt, loss as well as everyday life challenges, but I look back and can now say that much of what I have faced in this life has been for my benefit even when I could not see the plan.

I would never wish the suicides/murder/abuse/loss/anxiety/fear/agoraphobia on my worst enemy, but when God allowed those struggles and pain to enter into my life, He must have had a plan for it all.

I recently told my friend, P.J. that if the only reason I went through such pain and struggle was to help one other person, then it has all been worth it.

On this side of heaven I may never understand the true PLAN, but when I reach the end of my life I hope to be able to say ” EVEN WHEN I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND, I STILL BELIEVED AND TRUSTED. ”

How about you?

Can you trust even when you don’t understand?
Can you see the positives even in the midst of the negatives?
Can you look at your past and see the redemptive work God has done in your life even in the midst of a mess?
Can you see God’s Beautiful Plan?

Today, I want to offer you hope. We may not understand the path our nation is currently on, but God is still in control. Our nation was founded on the Word of God and God still has the ultimate say in the final chapter. We have to continue to pray and seek God’s face and ask for our nation to be humbled.

We may face more heartache and pain before all is revealed, but we must STAND. God has the final say and He is in control of the plan.

Praying for you today. Be blessed and know that you are loved by a God who knows you by name.

Never Doubt God


Doubting in life is so easy in today’s world when we look at the state of our nation. We no longer are a nation living UNDER GOD, but now we are a nation living under the control of many power hungry men and women.

These officials of the government do not seem to have our nations’ best interest at heart but often the interest of a select few or certain groups.

Doubt can set in very easily when we look to the government for our well-being, but we as believers in Christ, we must look to the one who has set the stars in place and chose to breathe life into each of us when we were still a twinkle in our parent’s eyes.

Doubting God is just not possible when we look at our own lives or the lives of others because we can see the sovereign hand working behind the scenes. Maybe it doesn’t look like it will all work out in our human minds, but God is not a human. He is all powerful, all sovereign and wants the best for His children. There may be times of pain, struggle and difficulty from point A to point B, but in the end it will work out just as God intended.


never doubt god


Photo Credit: P. J. Di Benedetto

I have been in many situations where I could not understand the process that God seemed to be taking me through. In my mind it was very simple how it should work out, but in the end it didn’t happen the way I wanted it to, but God’s way ultimately was the best outcome. Hindsight allowed me to see the outcome differently. Even in loss of loved ones to suicide and murder or the life I have lived with anxiety, fear and agoraphobia; I can see the hand of GOD on my life.

God’s ways are not our ways, but whether you are facing a battle today or not, allow God to take control because He has your best interest at heart. He does not want you to doubt Him or His love.

Stand strong and face the day with a smile on your face.

Doubt is the enemies’ tactic to keep us bound to our flesh. We are more than conquerors according to Romans 8: 37.

In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

James 1:6
When you ask, you must believe and do not doubt because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

Luke 24:38
Why are you trouble, and why do doubts rise in your minds?

Just One Drop

Just One Drop



Just one drop of God’s love, mercy and blessings can change our hearts, souls and minds forever.

Just One Drop.

Such a small task for God but one that can result in such tremendous changes in our lives.

JUST ONE DROP changed the course of my life forever.

One drop of HIS blessings and miracle powers set me free from fear, anxiety and agoraphobia. As a believer in Christ from an early age, I knew the power of Jesus but I had never experienced it in such a powerful way before.


What are you needing:
A Miracle

Anything is possible with God and HIS ONE DROP.. It only takes one drop to change everything. No need is too small or too big for God. He is no respecter of person either. If He can do it for me or someone else you know, then He can do it for you as well.

One drop seems so insignificant in the huge scheme of things, but
what that one drop of hope, freedom, love, peace, healing or a miracle can do in our own lives.. (HUGE)

That ONE DROP can change the course of our lives. We can find our way again, become who God called us to really be, and achieve all He called us to achieve.

Don’t lose hope today. You mean so much to God. He loves you with an everlasting love. He wants the best for you and offers you hope through His word.

Keep believing.
Keep trusting.
Keep persevering.
Keep putting one foot in front of the other.