Imagine Freedom

Imagine freedom from fear or anxiety.

What does it look like in your mind?

Have you ever experienced that before?

Freedom is possible with God. Personally, I know the struggle you may be facing today. You feel like the freedom you so desperately want is just out of reach or God only has that for someone else.

We tend to believe the lies of the enemy instead of looking at the wonderful aspects of our lives that God has given us on a daily basis.

I understand.

I did the same thing for so long. I doubted His love for me, even though I could look around and see all the beautiful aspects of my life.

Yet, the one aim of my life seemed so out of reach.

Freedom from fear, anxiety and agoraphobia was nowhere to be found; or so it seemed.

Real difficulties can be overcome, it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable. Click to Tweet

Nothing is impossible with God, even when we doubt or feel unworthy.

Luke 1:37 For with God nothing is impossible.


God has a plan, even when we don’t understand. After all of my struggles, I have a story to tell. Our stories help others know that they are not alone.

Share your story here today. What has God healed your from or helped you overcome?

Nothing is lost.

Let me pray for you:

Lord, nothing is lost in your sight. You know the beginning and the end of our lives. We have pain but that can be used for your glory if we follow your leading. I pray that anyone that is struggling today, that they can find a sense of peace by listening for your voice. You speak and we listen. Help us to quiet ourselves. Help us to seek your face and to see the wonder in even the small freedoms we have.

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Step Out Today

Risk Requires Trust

Do you Trust God enough to handle whatever you are facing?

It is hard to face change, especially when we get so accustomed to having things a certain way.

We wake up the same time everyday and we go to bed the same time.

We eat the same food for breakfast and we drive the same route to work.

All of that is perfectly fine, but how about today we take a chance and risk doing something different today.

Go a different route to work. Eat something different for breakfast.

Change is necessary and so is


Risking is difficult as well. I know personally how difficult it is to RISK and CHANGE.

After years of living with fear, anxiety and agoraphobia…

I am now FREE.

God set me free in August 2012

Risking is possible

Change is necessary


Freedom is Possible

Today, take a chance to make a change in your everyday life but also take RISK to get FREE from whatever is holding you back.

Freedom is sweet and God is amazing.

What is your story?

Are you ready to RISK and CHANGE?

Step Out Today and LIVE BIG FOR GOD

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Moving Forward

block free2

Wednesday, I fasted and prayed.

I believe God heard my prayers, so now I must wait.

The battle has been long and difficult, but I am not going to give up or give into the enemies lies.
My God did not set me free so that I could go back into the darkness again.

He called me to heal the brokenhearted and to offer hope to those in a place of darkness.

So, now I must move forward with the call God has placed on my life.

It won’t be easy because I know that each step I take forward, the enemy is waiting in the wings to want me to go two steps back.

Not going to happen.

This girl has faced more in her life than most will ever be able to comprehend, yet I am a fighter, an over-comer and a believer that no matter what happens, my God is ultimately in control.

Today I stand on the promises and wait for the answers.

There are lives and hearts at stake but God sees it all and understands exactly the anguish my heart is in, but it will not be for nothing.

My testimony will once again be for the LORD and HIS work in my life.

Moving Forward, but waiting.

Continuing To Change

Life is Good…

I really never thought I would say that..

Sad, I know.

I have never been unhappy as such but I could never really say ” Life is Good”, yet that seems to be the place God has me in at this point in my life.

Growing up as a child, I had some really great times as a kid such as when my sister and I traveled on a plane to Virginia alone to see our distant family. Or the time my parents surprised us with a trip to Disneyworld, but then there were also many hard times growing up. Times full of fear, abuse, neglect, controlling parents, loneliness, as well as family dysfunction.

Life was just “life” back then and I really had no idea that there was any other type of life or family around other than my own. I lived in a way that I was not aware that there were issues in my own family or in my own life. I knew no different so my life was normal to me.

When I met my husband and we began dating, he noticed the problems right off the bat. He could see the dysfunction and the abuse very early on and went into protection mode at the young age of 16 years old. He was very protective of me when it came to the antics of my family towards me or children later on. I was so familiar with the dysfunction, the abuse, the control, it was very hard for me to separate myself from them or that life, yet I knew that I must for the sake of myself and our children.

Oh, it is hard to change when you have a pattern so deeply entrenched in your mind and heart.

I tried to separate myself, only to be drug back in on some level. The abuse continued whether through written letters, emails or texts or even physical threats to myself from my father or brother. I could not find the will to stop the cycle, yet I knew it was changing myself and my family for the worse.

On and on it went.

Well, after much abuse from physical assaults from my brother, sister-in-law as well as my father, as well as continued emails, written letters, phone calls, threats and on and on, I had enough.

Last year I really began the process of separating myself from the drama and the abuse of this very dysfunctional family.

Yes, they are my biological family but that does not mean I cannot change who I am and become the person God designed me to be from the moment I was just a twinkle in HIS eye.

That is where I am at today.

Continuing to Change

Fear has been overcome Anxiety is gone Agoraphobia is gone The past is in the past The future is on the horizon and looking so great.

I hope you will be encouraged today that no matter what type of family you grew up or the pathology of that family, YOU have a choice to make your life better.

Believe in Yourself even when no one else does. Change for Yourself even when no one thinks you can. Forgive for Yourself even when it seems impossible. Move Forward for Yourself even when it takes baby steps.

I know that I never felt like my life would ever be possible without fear and anxiety being my best friends, but I can say today that I have never felt more free in my whole life. (47 years) God is no respecter of persons, so if HE did it for me, then He can do it for you as well.



Believe What You See


I know that there is a quote that goes something like,

” When people show you who they are: believe them..”

I have certainly learned that lesson today as well as many other times in life..

Of course, we want to believe the best about those we are in contact with daily; whether through our jobs, families or friends, but are we really suppose to let our guard down in every situation.

I know I have found myself to be:

too trusting

too needy

too scared

too lost

to stand up for myself, the truth and what I needed out of the relationships I have

but that was the OLD ANGIE..

I will not tolerate dishonesty, untruths, half-truths, kissing up to others so there is not any confrontation… on and on.

Today, we live in a world that is so lost as to what the true body of Christ should look like, act like and demand from others in an effort to better our world; we often just look the other way and don’t stand up for the TRUTH..

Truth always prevails. and that is certainly what I am counting on in my own life and the situations I am facing with those I am in contact with on a daily basis as well as those strained relationships that are in desperate need of restoration, repair and forgiveness as well as new roads to be paved for a better relationship.

As Christians I think we often believe that means we stand by and watch life continue to beat us up..

No, we are called to speak the truth, stand on the truth and demand the truth from others.. God doesn’t want wimpy Christians but He also doesn’t want Christians that look the other way because it is easier than standing up for the truth and for what is right.

I ask you today to think about situations you find yourself in on a daily basis or even a weekly basis..

What do you see in others?

Hard Working

Are we not called to be those things in our own lives, so why would we accept any less from our friends, family and employees or employers?

I am just in a place in my own life that it must change…

I am on a different path than many others but that doesn’t mean I am any better or worse than someone else, but it does mean that I have a right to expect better from those I choose to have in my life.

I will not tolerate:
Drama filled
Evil Words Spoken

Change is Necessary

Change is Necessary

I am a creature of habit.
I don’t like change.
OCD to the extreme.

I have learned with God, He often causes change in our lives so that we can make improvements, learn new things or move to the next level He has called us to be at, yet we often go kicking and screaming.

I have learned this in many instances but the most recent has been my new employment. After working at my last job for almost 6 years and then being home for over a year, it was not really my plan to become employed again. I was enjoying my time at home and enjoying the freedom to spend time with friends, family and work on crafts, my garden or projects in my home..

Yet, in my effort to work on my continued progress with being anxiety and fear free, I went to a local store here in town. This was a particular store that I never shopped at because the area of town made me anxious and I certainly dreaded the drive there due to the anxiety… (Hard to explain to those who have never had anxiety or panic attacks)

One day in March, I was working on my driving and goal setting for areas that I still struggled with at times and on this particular day I chose to go into this store just to browse. On entrance I saw a particular woman that I had previously known from one company we both worked for but also from her being employed at several other places in town in management positions. We began talking and catching up… One thing led to another and I asked if she was hiring for any positions. Come to find our she was hiring. I filled out an application and she then called me a few days later to interview. I was hired that same day..

This was GOD in more ways than one…

I sat in my car shocked at this new place I found myself in..

From March 13th to April 26th, I worked as a Sales Associaate.. On April 26th I was offered the 2nd Assistant Manager position… I had never dreamed this would even be a possibility because I was perfectly happy working my 15 hours a week..

Discussion with hubby had to happen. He was so happy for me and this opportunity. I was too yet I was concerned about the driving home at night.. I hate, hate, hate to drive at night but once again this only proves God has a sense of humor… I am driving at night… Wow..

I am saying all so you will know that God knows what we need to push us forward into being all God has called us to be.

My fear has held me back from living for far too long.

I am not going to say that I have not had anxiety in my new position or new job, because I have had tons of anxiety.. The difference is before I would have got in my car and drove home but now I STAY. I keep moving forward and pushing past the fear. I know that the coming months will prove to be challenging at times but I think I am where God wants me to be for now..

Keep moving foward.
Step out into the new places God opens for you.
Doors open. Walk through
Stay in God’s Word so you can hear HIS voice and follow His leading

Hugs to each of you. When you think of me; please pray for me and my fears to be totally gone. Each day is a new beginning for new possibilities.. OPEN YOUR ARMS UP WIDE AND WAIT TO SEE WHAT GOD DOES>