Moving Forward

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Wednesday, I fasted and prayed.

I believe God heard my prayers, so now I must wait.

The battle has been long and difficult, but I am not going to give up or give into the enemies lies.
My God did not set me free so that I could go back into the darkness again.

He called me to heal the brokenhearted and to offer hope to those in a place of darkness.

So, now I must move forward with the call God has placed on my life.

It won’t be easy because I know that each step I take forward, the enemy is waiting in the wings to want me to go two steps back.

Not going to happen.

This girl has faced more in her life than most will ever be able to comprehend, yet I am a fighter, an over-comer and a believer that no matter what happens, my God is ultimately in control.

Today I stand on the promises and wait for the answers.

There are lives and hearts at stake but God sees it all and understands exactly the anguish my heart is in, but it will not be for nothing.

My testimony will once again be for the LORD and HIS work in my life.

Moving Forward, but waiting.


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As a believer in Christ from an early age, I have had the privilege of seeing God work in many wonderful ways in my own life as well as the lives of others.

The past few weeks I have been in a deep funk about the issues with my job as well as a decision I have had to make concerning a move to another town for a promotion that I was recently offered.

This has been a heavy weight on my heart and mind because I enjoy my current job as well as the friends I have in my hometown. I have bounced the idea around over and over, all the while only making myself more stressed out and anxious..

I don’t want to make the wrong decision but I truly believe that God has a better plan for me than this current job offering. I truly believe that the job would be a great fit for me personally but it would require too much sacrifice for my husband as well as our current business. Too many factors to not allow it to line up, so I have to trust God that this is not the path He has for me at this time.

I want to watch what unfolds from this point forward and to see the wonderful doors that He will be opening in my life while granting me favor with others. I have not doubted HIM yet and I don’t plan on starting now..

Questions are still in the back of my mind as to whether I made the right choice but at this point, I feel peace.

I would love to move to another town in the next few years after hubby can retire or quit the police department to only focus on his business, but right now it is not possible. We could live on the business income only but there is too much other to handle, such as selling our two homes, finding homes for our animals, etc. It would be a easy and also hard place to find ourselves in on many levels, but I also know that it will happen soon.

We would love to move down toward where my uncle lives; about 10 hours from here, but I don’t know where God will lead us, but I will continue to pray for the right doors to open for myself as well as hubby. We have never doubted His plan for our lives and today I have to trust that I have made the right decision.

I still question it at times, but I am going to give this company my decision and pass up the position in another town.

Please continue to pray for me if you think about it..

I have so many things weighting on my mind and heart…

Lord, today I come to you with many fears that I have made the wrong decision, but even if I have, I know you can redeem it and turn things around for my good. You have never let me down yet and I don’t plan on doubting you today. Be with me in my current job situation as well as hubby with his business. Guide us and protect us in all of our daily decisions and work. Be with Chance as he continues to move forward with his new job and new beginnings. He deserves the very best even though he often doubts that any of his other family loves him.. Sad for them but more sad for Chance. He is a great guy who loves deeply, yet is often treated like dirt on the bottom of others shoes; especially those who are suppose to love him and care for him. I am thankful that Chance knows that his dad and I love him unconditionally and are proud of him. Those in this life will one day regret the choices that they have made… If not on this earth then for sure when they stand in the eyes of you Lord to answer for what has been done. We all make bad choices and mistakes but that does not mean you throw people away or choose to ignore your own family… One day our lives will be only a vapor, yet our decisions and choices will effect the generations coming up after us…

God you know our hearts and where we stand..