Kurt W. Bubna

Epic Grace: Chronicles by a Recovering Idiot by Kurt Bubna

This summer I have had the privilege of being part of the book launch team for Kurt W. Bubna called ” Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot.

Don’t you love that title?

When I was asked to participate, of course I was thrilled to be part of such a great project. I didn’t know much about the book other than Kurt won the award at the Re:Write Conference in 2012 for this book.

Kurt and I are Facebook friends, but we have never met face to face. One day, maybe that will be possible.

Kurt has a gift for words whether he is writing or preaching in his home church. Words are powerful, which is something Kurt discusses in Epic Grace.

Whether we fall short in the words we use, the pain we cause someone else or even ourselves, all require grace.

One of the quotes in the book that really stuck with me was ” .. we need God’s grace to sustain us in the midst of our struggles.”  Wow. So true.

Kurt discusses in the book how adversity and suffering are always connected to grace. Without grace, even when we are “idiots”, God is still there calling us to persevere. Grace helps us walk through the pain of hardships, being wounded or struggling with life in general.

Kurt holds the light on each of us to live with  grace in mind, no matter what we are facing. Sin and grace are connected but grace is offered to believers in all walks of the Christian life.

I went into the book launch team not knowing what I would get out of the book, but I know I reread the book again.

The book came at just the right time in my own life for I have been on a journey  for the past year that I never knew I was capable of walking through. After years of living with fear, anxiety and agoraphobia, God has set me free. EPIC GRACE… after 47 years…

God has a huge plan for each one of us, and through this book you will be given such great words of encouragement to find EPIC GRACE in your own walk.


Each chapter touched me in a deep place. I know the book will do the same for you as well.

Check it out at Barnes and Noble, Amazon or Christian Book Distributors.


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