The Days are New

Well, 2014 has arrived.

Where has the time gone? I look back at this last year and it seems to have flown by.

As we grow older, the days seem to go by more quickly. As a small child, it seemed as though Christmas would never arrive, but now that I am in my 40’s Christmas arrives so much more quickly. It often feels like the days go by faster and faster, but some of that is due to how much our society stays connected with social media and the aspects of everyday life are so fast paced.

My grandmother would tell me stories of when she was a young mother and a new wife. She described how families and couples would connect through food and fellowship at one anothers homes. They would play cards or some form of board game. In today’s society, no one connects anymore. Everyone is too busy. We are all so focused on just making the ends meet and connecting with the ones closest to us, we neglect the friendships God has placed in our paths.

days are new

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I know I fall victim to the fast paced life as well.

My duties are as follows:

Part time job

Help hubby with his own business

Write for my website and other guest blog posts as well as my monthly magazine article

Attending church

Helping in-laws

Taking care of my own home and family

This is just a small sampling of my responsibilities, yet I still try to find time to spend with the few closest friends I have locally but I do fall short at times.

It really seems as though no one has free time anymore. Everyone stays so, so busy.

I know personally I struggle with finding time to rest and relax. I tend to feel guilty when I do rest because that usually means that some project or need is not getting my attention. Yet, God wants us to find time for peace, rest and relaxation. Not everything has to be accomplished at one time. We can rest today and the needs will be there tomorrow to focus on.

I am thankful that this new year is an opportunity for me to work on finding time to relax and rejuvenate myself. I need to seek God’s will and plan for my life but to do that, I must take the time to quiet my mind and heart. I cannot do that if I am always on the GO.

Today, I give you permission to REST and REJUVENATE your heart and mind. Nothing is so important in this world for us to lose ourselves and who God has called us to be.

Psalm 62: 1

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from Him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

Proverbs 6:10

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest.

I love that little verse in Proverbs. Such a sweet sentiment.

I am thankful for DAYS OF NEW.

How about you?

What is your hope for the new year?

Choose to Believe

Choose to Believe

We all have choices to make each day.

Choices to believe

or not to believe

Choices whether to love or hate

Forgive or hold onto to unforgiveness

Grow or remain stagnant

Live or Die

Believe in God


Deny God

For me, many of these are easier than others. One that will never change will be to BELIEVE IN GOD. I have faced 3 suicides, a murder, abuse, neglect, car wrecks, anxiety, fear, agoraphobia, loss of jobs, friendships, as well as other tragedies, but through it all I have never stopped believing in God. My faith has been shaken but no denying God has stepped in more than once to protect, guide, and love me through it all.

Believe in God

Even when it is hard

Even when you want to give up

Lean into HIM

Praying for you today. Lean into HIM and HIS love for you. It is unconditional and full of peace if you trust HIM and HIS plan. HIS plan will always be best. Life happens but nothing is out of HIS control.


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Part One: Living is Believing

For the next few weeks, I hope to focus on learning to stand on the Word of God, even when we are in the depths of despair, hurt, pain and even anger.

As Christians, we all know that the Word of God is our place to fall back on even when we doubt, but how do you stand on the Word when you still feel like nothing is changing in your life? How do you stand on the Word of God even when you see your life slipping farther and farther down? How do you stand on the Word of God when you don’t find your miracle or healing?

My life has had many struggles from:
angry parents
controlling parents
car wreck
teenage pregnancy
loss of friendships/jobs/relationships

Every day in this world; it is a challenge on some level for most people; even Christians. We are not immune to pain and suffering, yet often the “world” believes that we don’t feel pain and our lives are picture perfect.

Then reality sets in and they see first hand how we live our lives as well as how we deal with pain, tragedy and loss.

I haven’t been the best example at times of living my life for Christ, but I can say that even in the darkest moments of my life after the loss of my grandmother and grandfather to a murder/suicide, I never lost hope that God would bring healing and forgiveness back into my heart. Oh MY.. That was the hardest path to find myself on because I wanted to hold onto my anger and bitterness. I could not find a reason to forgive. I could not see any good in the loss of my grandmother. I gave up on life and quit living..

One day of fear, anxiety and agoraphobia led to 17 years of living with it day after day. I have always suffered with anxiety on some level, but in 1997 I totally gave up on ever having any type of happiness or freedom again. I QUIT LIVING and basically stopped believing that anything would ever change.

Oh, I believed the Word of God but I didn’t believe He would ever do anything in my life like I have seen in other’s lives or those in the Bible. I felt like somehow along the way, God forgot me.

I could see God doing great and mighty miracles in other people’s lives yet I was continually struggling with fear and anxiety. Then when I had such overwhelming agoraphobia, I would beg for God to take the pain away…Yet, it continued to control my life no matter how much I prayed, begged and pleaded..

Living with anxiety is difficult, but then you compound that with the fear and agoraphobia, it was so overwhelming I basically just wanted to give up. I reached a point where I wanted to die and wished I could have died.

Now, let us look at the Word of God to find some answers to how to stand even when we don’t understand.
God is no respecter of persons. What HE has done for me, HE CAN DO FOR YOU AS WELL…

Romans 8:28
All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. ( We are all called if we love God. And if we love God, then good will come even from bad)

2 Timothy 1:7
God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind. ( Our mind is from God if we are Christians and the Holy Spirit indwells within us, so therefore we cannot be full of fear and still have power, love and sound mind. Fear must leave)

Acts 10:34
In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality.
(God does not withhold peace and freedom for HIS children. If HE does it for me, He can do it for you.)

Luke 1:37
For with God nothing will be impossible. (NOTHING IS OVER UNTIL GOD SAYS OUR TIME HERE IS DONE..Until then, hope is still available.)

Jeremiah 33:6
Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth. (God is able to take all pain, hurt, fear, anxiety, depression and on and on from our lives. Never give up believing and stretching your faith for the answer.)

Psalm 73:23
Nevertheless I am continually with You; You hold me by my right hand, You will guide me with Your counsel.
(God is always holding our hand as we walk through this life, even when we feel alone. He is guiding us in His plan.)

Well, for now we will stop. Let us take the time to remember the places we have found ourselves in the past and from whence we came. By doing so we can remember the tremendous work God has already done in our lives and the power that He has to continue to work in our lives. NEVER LOSE HOPE…

Father, I thank You for the blessings you have sent me in this life. Even as a small child, I knew I was valuable to You, even when I felt alone in this life. Life has brought many challenges and struggles, but through it all, my faith has only grown stronger and my love for YOU more deep. You have done so many miracles in my life, yet I know that the END has not been written yet. I am excited to see what YOU have planned for my future as well as for the future of the readers. You have never stopped guiding me and loving me. Thank You for all the love, blessings and strength You have provided me in my darkest moments. Look where I am today. I never thought it would be possible. The “little” enemy keeps trying to win, but I am stronger than he thinks and I have You on my side.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

bloom where you

Nourishment is necessary for plants, flower, animals but more importantly, nourishment from the Lord is most important for the human soul.

Bloom where you are planted requires:

1. Total acceptance of yourself

2. Faith in God to work all things for the good of our lives; good and bad will work in the end for the plan God has set for my life.

3. Trust in the process of finding the path for my life

4. To remember that often we limit ourselves and the abilities that God has placed in our hearts, souls and lives because we may not see them as significant enough to impact the Kingdom of God, yet nothing with God is ever a waste. Every door that opens or closes is all part of the bigger plan.

5. Allow others in your life to speak words of encouragement, praise, knowledge, respect, love and acceptance into your heart and soul. Life givers comes in all forms. Be watchful of those that hinder your walk and hinder your “blooming”.

6. Blooming may not happen instantly or on “my” timetable, but I pray that through the process I am staying true to the call God has on my life and the person He originally designed me to be in this world. Many people have stepped in my path, caused doubt and spoke evil over my life, yet I am finding the way back to the original “ANGIE” or at least I am a work in progress. I am not where I was 2 years ago and yet I am not where I want to be either.

7. You can use the above image to PIN to Pintrest if you so choose.

8. Remember, God loves you just the way you are. You are forgiven. You are loved. You are exactly as God has designed you. Live FREE with God.

9. After years of struggle with anxiety, fear and agoraphobia, believing in myself has always been very hard, yet God is slowly working in my life and I am forever thankful. Blessed and Thankful.

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I am thankful for all God has done in my life. Today, I want to offer you hope and prayer that all things are possible with God. Today rest in His arms and wait for Him to guide you on the path He has called you to walk in finding the destination of blooming where you are planted. All God wants is a willing person and I know that giving up control is hard.. I am a big control freak so I totally understand.

Enter Into His Rest

This time of year is such a frenzy of activity, cooking, cleaning and just trying to stay on top of normal, everyday life. I know personally, I get overwhelmed this time of year and forget that God wants me to stop and enjoy the time He has given me with my husband and my children. I often get so caught up in trying to make everything ” perfect” I forget to enjoy the time with those I hold so dear.

I know that God’s word talks about resting in many places, yet for me REST is usually only when I hit the sack at night. I don’t usually stop and take time to rest, recoup or restore my body, soul and spirit. I go, go, go all of the time. I think I got that trait from my grandmother who was murdered in 1996. Days like Thanksgiving, Christmas and especially her birthday are when I miss her the most.

I know that this next year I hope to do better about taking the time to rest when I know I need to, yet it will be a challenge for sure because that is just not me. I like to have a clean, orderly, well-oiled home which takes a lot of effort day to day but I am praying that I get somewhat better about being so OCD and such a control freak. IT is ME that is so overwhelmed this time of year. Hubby doesn’t get too worked up about anything. I often wish I was more like that… But God made me exactly like I am and I am finally becoming OK with ME.. After 47 years.. It is sad that I have always tried to keep everyone else happy yet in the effort to do that, I was miserable, lonely, fearful, anxious and basically¬†wished I was someone else. Well, now I am thankful I am ME and even though I still struggle with OCD and control issues as well as not knowing how to enter into HIS rest very well, I know God is still working in my life and He is not done with me yet.

Lord, I pray that you help each person reading this today to know that you want us to like who we are and who YOU made us to be. We are not going to be perfect but even when we fall short, YOU are there to pick us up. Help each person to know that it is okay to rest, restore, recoup and relax. It is something I struggle to do but I pray that You give me the time as well as the feeling of guilt not to be there, so I can enjoy the time I have with my family and also to enjoy my time with YOU LORD. I know you have a huge plan for each of us; yet we must be willing to be still and quiet. HELP me LORD to be able to sit quietly and listen. I love you LORD and thank YOU for all the amazing things you have done in this unworthy child of YOURS.. Yet, YOU continue to bless me and love me each day. Thank you, Lord.