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Tools for Writing

Sharing today with Ruth L Snyder

Writing requires so many different tools, but the first tool is a quiet heart and a listening ear.

Are you surprised that I said that was the most important?

We get so caught up in the busyness of life we forget to stop and LISTEN to the still, small voice of the LORD.

When we quiet ourselves, then the LORD’S voice is more readily heard.

I also know that I must have a small journal that I take with me everywhere. In this journal/notebook, I keep scriptures that I have read that speak to me about a certain blog topic that I could possibly write but I also keep ideas, quotes and anything to remind me of what I want to write.

Ideas come at all times of the day, so we need to be prepared to listen and write it down.

I also believe that a small bulletin board/reminder board is helpful as well. I use mine for pictures but also reminders of blog hops such as this, so I won’t forget to write the necessary post. I also use the bulletin board to post scriptures that I am memorizing.

The office space we use for writing also needs to be organized and quiet. I have my office connected to my craft room so everything is easily found. I also have a small CD/Radio that I use when I am writing. I do not like to have the television on or loud noises going on, so usually I go into the room and focus on the music, which allows me to connect to the LORD.

I also like to keep a thesaurus on hand as well as a dictionary. I am a lover of quotes as well, so I purchased a book of quotes. I love this book and it offers quotes on many topics.

I hope you will take time to write but first and foremost, I pray you will connect to the Lord. He is first and foremost in my heart. I cannot have words worthy of writing or reading if I am not connected to HIM.

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